Know Yourself and Your Enneagram Type Workshop

Saturday 15 June | Bicton, Perth

Know Yourself and Your Enneagram Type Workshop

Learn how to live, love and lead with genuine authenticity and inner freedom.

Join Natalie on a journey to deepen your self-awareness with the Enneagram and know the unconscious motivations behind why you think, feel and act the way you do- as well as the somatic patterns which shape them – in this practical, developmental and embodied workshop.

Discover your unique Enneagram character type and it’s core fear, projections, red flags, innate gifts and invitation to abundance.

Gain tools and techniques for greater wisdom and self-control over your everyday habits and actions, so that you can do less of what doesn’t work, and be more strategic in doing what does!

Feel empowered to operate less from ‘ego’ and more from ‘soul’… and learn how to shift from operating on autopilot to ‘being’ and showing-up from your true essence.

“Your workshop was enlightening, empowering and encouraging. I enjoyed learning that each type has strengths and limitations which can be used for personal growth to increase freedom. I especially liked how the Enneagram integrates mind, body and heart aspects of the journey of life.” ~ Teresa

Know yourself and your Enneagram Type workshop

About the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a scientifically-validated, holistic system that describes how personality and character structure are formed in three centres of intelligence – mind, heart and body.

More than just personality types, the Enneagram’s inter-related nine character types each have motivations and ways of seeing the world that are related, yet differ from one-another. Each with their own strengths, challenges and blind spots.

Use the Enneagram to overcome stress, make positive changes in your leadership approach or personal life, to improve your relationships and awaken to your full potential – based on your character’s unique view of life.

“Being able to get a clearer picture of how I function, what I value and where I may change was very insightful and meaningful. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses allows me to develop other ways of being. I expected it to be an intellectual discussion of personality types and it was much more due to the great skills of Natalie as the presenter.” ~ Margaret

“I loved knowing about the head, heart and gut types in an intimate group. This workshop was spot on for me – relaxed, informative, positive and insightful. And the guided meditations were a special touch.” ~ Pia

What to Expect

The workshop offers participants a mix of learning components. Expect to engage in self-reflection exercises, pair work, group discussions, somatic movement and guided meditations.

You will:

  • Explore the nine Enneagram personality types;
  • Identify your ‘type’ and motivations behind your thinking, feeling and behaving;
  • Claim your unique strengths and self-realisation potential;
  • Learn how to navigate your challenges and see your blind spots;
  • Gain ways to access your head, heart and body intelligence to better manage stress and conflict;
  • Understand the growth process, how you get stuck and how to move forwards; and
  • Receive a comprehensive written summary of your type for future reference.

An invaluable aspect of immersing oneself in the Enneagram ‘live and in-person’ in a workshop is getting to see, hear and sense the narratives from others who are the same and different types.

Enneagram workshop

This workshop offers a richer integration than simply doing an online Enneagram test or online program.

To get the most out of the workshop, please come with a curious mind, be willing to participate and give yourself fully to the process of self-discovery!

Both men and women are welcome, for personal or professional growth – no prior Enneagram knowledge is required. Book with a partner, friend or work colleague and share the experience – and save $20 on your registration.

About the Facilitator

Natalie is an experience Enneagram practitioner, facilitator and Certified Advanced Enneagram Coach, as well as a yoga and meditation teacher.

She has an uncanny curiosity about human nature and the journey of transformation. And it is her great passion and joy to share the Enneagram with others.

Natalie is a wonderful facilitator – knowledgeable, kept to topic, empathetic and warm. The Know Yourself and Your Enneagram Type Workshop was a terrific introduction to the topic and to understanding my growth and the limitations I put on myself. It helped me to gain a deeper understanding of ‘who’ I am. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone.” ~ Diedre

Booking Details

Places on this workshop are limited to 16 people – so you receive plenty of personalised attention and support.

Once your booking is completed, an auto-email receipt confirms your place. Then the day before the workshop, you’ll receive a reminder email with everything you need to know.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please reach out via the Contact page.

DATE:    Saturday 15 June 2024

TIME:   1.30 – 4.30pm

YOUR INVESTMENT:    $170 single or $320 double booking, with a friend, colleague or partner. Includes a healthy afternoon tea and chai.

VENUE: St Christopher’s Memorial Hall, 120 Waddell Road, Bicton. Click here for a map.

BOOKINGS: closed