Life Coaching

Authentic joy, self-confidence, success and fulfilment in life is cultivated when we slow down, refocus and do the inner work. My transformational life coaching offers you this. For real.

Despite the temptations of our fast-paced modern lifestyle with its quick-fix solutions, especially on social media, when we are committed to self-growth over a period of time with an experienced guide whom we trust, we awaken a deeper wisdom and a genuine inner strength. And lasting shifts happen.

If you realise there’s more to you, your relationships, your career or your life, yet are feeling stuck or unclear about moving forwards – then you are in the right place.

  • Are you working in a professional role that feels like it no longer brings out your best, despite being dedicated to your career or organisation?
  • Maybe you’re at a crossroads after a loss, a separation or the kids have grown up and you’re searching for new meaning or a new relationship?
  • You could be a long term yoga practitioner or meditator yet struggle to stay true to yourself and make good decisions, aligned with your heart?
  • Maybe you are a small business owner, spiritual director, psychologist, coach or yoga teacher doing it on your own, needing a wise sounding board to mirror your potential and make deeper changes?
  • Or perhaps you’re in midlife and judging yourself or retiring and thinking about the future, unclear about what really matters or the legacy you want to leave?

I get how complex and intense life can be. And the impact this can have on your focus, confidence and wellbeing.

Over the past 17 years I’ve supported hundreds of men and women with life coaching to find clarity, direction and to become a better version of themselves. As we work together to peel back the layers of your self-beliefs, motivations, emotions and desires, we unravel what really matters to you.

For many, it’s connecting with the power of the heart. We start from wherever you are.

Put simply, I want you to flourish! I want you to awaken to your Self. I want to support you to build a steady, authentic, inner foundation from which to live your life… forever. I want you to live fully, doing work and things that really matter, and that make a difference.

As a dedicated, practising yogi and meditator, I’m fully committed to that inner journey too.

Over 10 empowering and supportive sessions, we can transform you and your life to:

  • Awaken who you truly are – giving you a steadfast, inner compass from which to feel naturally self-confident and make decisions on all aspects of your life, aligned with your truth.
  • Have more energy and attention for the people and the things you love – by instilling clear, healthy boundaries and prioritising your physical and mental-emotional self-care so you thrive and prevent burnout.
  • Succeed and integrate the seven key areas of your life – allowing you to balance the practical and professional, with the spiritual, so you avoid FOMO and enjoy life, based on your goals and values.
  • Reprogram and shift the limiting self-beliefs and negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that self-sabotage and get in your way – using the wisdom and reliability of the Enneagram.
  • Experience and express more of your innate peace, knowing, wisdom, creativity AND love – by retraining and balancing the access to your head, heart and gut intelligence.
  • Transition smoothly through a career, relationship or life change – by working step-by-step, setting realistic goals and intentions, and holding you accountable to yourself, so that you make the most of new opportunities and keep growing, without feeling overwhelmed.

Transformation is about real work and deep change            

As a transformational coach, the work I do with you is more about working inwardly than outwardly.

There is a life-sustaining force, a universal presence in us and in the universe. It is a lively energy that interconnects us, that fuels our creativity and is always at work supporting us to grow and to reach our full human potential. To be fully human is to be as free of ego, fear, judgment, competition and clinging as we can be. And as loving and as generous as we can be with our innate wisdom, strengths, gifts and talents.

Transformation is the real work on ourselves, as well as space in your life to reflect and to ‘just be’. For many, this includes having a mind-body spiritual practice.

Exploring and learning how to access, trust and strengthen your intuition and connection to this spirit, the universe or your Higher Self (whatever you may wish to call ‘it’) to enhance your life, is a valuable part of the coaching I offer. 

I hold space, guide and gently-prod you to dig deeper to find clarity, and the courage to make positive changes. I keep-it-real, as well as offer you inspiration to go beyond your everyday mindset.

I cheer you on to trust in who you are, in your capacity to be successful and to put your insights and ideas into action, step by step – that’s the essential bit! I tell you the truth. Most importantly, I hold you accountable to yourself and for taking responsibility for your own life.

My Life Coaching is an invitation and an investment to work on yourself, patiently, kindly and mindfully. And if that doesn’t resonate or spark interest, then I am probably not the best coach for you.

Why work with me?

As well as being spiritual – don’t let this fool you – I am also very down-to-earth, direct and practical! Learning new approaches or skills is also an essential aspect of my coaching approach.

As part of my Life Coaching you will receive access to a suite of practical tools, activities, written tips and exercises I have developed over many years, to take home and apply in your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my coaching background?

I studied coaching with an Australian coaching school and have been a registered member of the International Coaching Federation since 2008. I have also completed Transpersonal Presence Coach Training with US teacher Alan Seale and Advanced Coaching with the Enneagram Certification with US teacher and author Ginger Lapid-Bogda.

I spent over a decade coaching men and women, including business owners, creatives and yoga professionals, from my office in Fremantle, and then from my yoga studio premises in Melville and Alfred Cove. In 2017 I moved my coaching to my home office in Bicton.

I am committed to ongoing professional development and spiritual growth. I have recently completed Integrated Attachment Theory Coach Certification with Thais Gibson and am currently facilitator training with the Centre for Courage and Renewal.

When, where and how often are coaching sessions held?

My coaching client days are Wednesdays and Fridays, and occasionally Thursdays if required. Coaching sessions are pre-scheduled and normally held fortnightly. Allowing the right balance between clients having enough space to do the reflective and action work in between sessions, whilst still maintaining momentum and accountability, is important. The frequency of sessions is tailored to suit each individual client’s needs.

Wherever possible, coaching sessions are held in-person from my home office in Bicton, south of the river in Perth) or online via Teams or Zoom. Sessions can be a mix of face-to-face and online, depending on client whereabouts.

Do you provide extra support outside of coaching sessions?

Yes. All coaching programs include unlimited, brief access to me via text, email or phone, in between coaching sessions. This can be handy to share an insight, a challenge or to receive extra support before a significant event.

How does coaching start?

As a professional coach, I use written Coaching Agreements with all clients. This outlines our mutual roles and responsibilities and it keeps our working relationship transparent, professional and confidential. If you decide to work with me, you will be offered a Coaching Agreement to consider and sign, along with the opportunity to ask any questions, prior to your coaching commencing.

Your coaching journey begins by completing a Pre-Coaching Questionnaire and a Life Assessment. This gets you reflecting, thinking and feeling inspired about what you’d really like for yourself and your life. We use this as the basis for your first coaching session.

In your first coaching session, we also spend time discussing the ‘how’ before we dive into the ‘what’. That is, we intentionally co-create our coaching partnership. We determine how we can best work together to get the best outcomes for you. Do you need to be challenged, inspired or supported? Or all three? (Many clients find this discussion a valuable framework to use when they are entering a new work or personal relationship.) Co-creating our coaching partnership is an important part of any successful coaching experience. 

Sometimes people come to my coaching unsure of what they’d most like to work on or where they’d like to start – that’s okay. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know!

Once I have a sense of what matters most to you and a shared understanding of where you’re at, we establish a few written coaching goals or intentions that you’d like to get started with. There’s never any pressure to do more, or less, than what you’re comfortable with – you determine what’s right for you. 

I’m not that interested in mindfulness or yoga or meditation. Does that mean you’re the wrong coach for me?

Not at all. Not everyone that I coach is interested in mindfulness or becoming a meditator, but it still influences my approach to working with you. Being mindful is really just another way of saying being present, curious, self-aware and non-judgmental. If those qualities appeal, you’ll enjoy working with me! I’m not dogmatic in my approach and I completely respect your personal choices around spirituality.

“I loved your gentle, firm, guiding style. Working with Natalie gave me self-directed, achievable goals to work towards. It gave me a way and a path to make things happen rather than just some ‘nice’ information to take-away. I was accountable to myself and my coach, which was really motivating. Thank you! I now have faith in myself and see that my coaching investment has tangible rewards.”
~ Rosalie, Training Manager

Program options

Coaching requires a genuine commitment of your time and a moderate financial outlay. In some cases, you may be able to claim your Coaching Program as a professional development expense and I’m happy to provide you with a Tax Invoice if that’s the case. 

I accept payments via cash, credit card or direct bank account transfer. Payment details are provided when you sign-up. Or click on the program title to go to the online payment page.

Four Session Coaching Program ~ AUD $760 
1 x 90 minute introductory session
3 x 60 minute sessions
Follow-up email and phone support between sessions
Payment of $760 upfront or 2 x $390 payment plan 
Six Session Coaching Program ~ AUD $1110
1 x 90 minute introductory session
5 x 60 minute sessions
Follow-up email and phone support between sessions
Payment of $1110 up-front or 2 x $565 payment plan 

Are you ready to get started?

If my life coaching approach resonates, I’d love to hear from you. Click the button below to register your interest and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Interested? Let’s talk.

There are different kinds of coaches for different kinds of people. Chances are, you resonate with me. But I’m not everyone’s coach. It’s important that we can work well together! Just like in any successful relationship, there needs to be a ‘click’ between us.

So, I’m interested in talking with you to learn about who you are – and you can also meet and learn more about me. I’d love to know about you, your work, your spirituality, your relationships and your mindset and offer you a complimentary Discovery Session.

In your Discovery Session we’ll speak for 45 minutes or so about where you are at, what your goals, hopes and aspirations in life are, as well as what is getting in your way. You’ll likely gain some insights and realisations from our conversation.

We’ll talk about coaching and what working together would look like. And you can ask me any questions about my Awaken, Align & Shine Coaching Program.

At the end of the session I’ll let you know if I think we are a good ‘fit’ – and give the opportunity to get started if that’s the case. And you can get clear on whether or not I’m the coach for you. Click below to book your free online Discovery Session.