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Are you ready for transformation? Are you called to become your best self – in living, loving and leading?

I’m here to help you to know yourself and to bring yourself more fully and wholeheartedly into your leadership, your relationships and your life.

Self-awareness is the foundation of happiness and all genuine transformation. I stand for the great human qualities – wisdom, peace, compassion, love, creativity and joy – inherent in you, in each of us. When these qualities are awakened, we flourish. And I want that for you.

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that there’s something lacking or wrong with us. That who we are, what we do or how we live, just isn’t good enough. We’ve been led by our minds and trained by our materialistic culture that happiness is something to strive for externally.

And that “success” means being busy, having a certain job, bank balance, partner, looking a certain way or living a certain lifestyle.

Well, the good news is, that’s not the case.

Yes, these outer dimensions in our life are important. But there is also a deeper dimension to success and happiness within you, that is more subtle, and more powerful.

Becoming more mindfully self-aware connects you to a source of authentic power and builds inner trust, integrity, courage and confidence. And leads to the genuine discovery of who you really are.

Drawing on the ancient, timeless wisdom of yogic philosophy and mindfulness practice, combined with modern coaching techniques, I will guide you to rediscover yourself and to put things into perspective. You will be supported and empowered to align, to live and to lead consistent with your values, your truth, your expression and your purpose.

At heart, you are already complete. There is peace. The answers you need are within. You have the capacity to pursue whatever path and goals you choose in life – with more energy and less stress.

By working together we can peel away the unhelpful patterns of whatever’s gotten in the way of your happiness, success and self-realisation.

If you are ready for a shift, then you are in the right place – let’s get started on your journey!

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Lotus of the Heart India Retreat 2024

Rediscover your heart. Immerse yourself in yogic practice. Embrace the life-changing joy, spirituality and serenity of Rishikesh, the traditional home of Yoga, on my special 14-day India retreat.

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