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Deepen your authentic power and presence.

Build Self-mastery. Lead with heart.
And step fully into your life.

Are you ready for transformation? Are you called to become your best Self – in leadership, in love and in life?

Welcome, I’m Natalie. And I’d love to help you to grow… more powerfully and wholeheartedly into your leadership, your relationships and your life.

I believe that inherent within you, perhaps hidden or obscured, is tremendous wisdom, peace, vitality, love, creativity and joy. These true ways of being can only be uncovered, nurtured and strengthened through the foundation of self-awareness.

You have the opportunity to succeed, to be at peace, to love life AND to be who you truly are. 

By cultivating self-awareness through mindful practice and skilful guidance, by taking accountability and receiving unconditional support, your natural qualities can flourish. Profound shifts can happen.

I offer a suite of unique 1:1 coaching programs, facilitated courses, retreats and community events, plus yoga and meditation classes, all focused on fostering self-awareness and integrating the spiritual and material – empowering your best Self to shine.  

Join me on this journey.

Upcoming Events

Lotus of the Heart India Retreat 2024

Rediscover your heart. Immerse yourself in yogic practice. Embrace the life-changing joy, spirituality and serenity of Rishikesh, the traditional home of Yoga, on my special 14-day India retreat.

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Life Coaching


Kirtan Chanting & Chai

Mindful Leadership

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