June 23rd, 2012

A new phase has dawned with our new website! We hope you like it. The ‘go live’ just happened to coincide with the winter solstice here in Perth, so we hope that’s auspicious.

Just like any new beginning in life, this one has been filled with a mix of experiences and emotions. We’ve had lots of fun (and moments of frustration) putting it together over the last six months. We love the fresh, vibrant, community-feel that represents how we are and what we do. We’re excited about the new ways we can share information and communicate – like this blog. And we’re looking forward to the easy on-line booking system for our events. I must admit though, I was a little nervous about the ‘go live’ date and procrastinated on it for a couple of weeks. There has been ‘letting go’ of old ways to make way for the new. And the technology and learning has been pretty steep, with a healthy dose of patience required!

Now that it’s here though, we love it and I wonder what all the initial fuss was all about!? Whatever we are presented with in life, especially beginnings, we can trust that it is all happening for our growth and highest good. Even a website. Stepping out of our comfort zone is what life is calling us to do on many levels. I look forward to sharing more thoughts and reflections through regular blog posts. I hope these musings amuse, at the very least, and inspire at the very most.

Happy beginnings!