Lead through inspiration, not expectation

July 4th, 2018

As people, we thrive on what inspires us, not merely what is expected of us. This has been one of the greatest things I’ve learned in my journey, especially moving from the corporate world to holding space as a coach and teacher. Being inspired brings our authentic self into the picture. And it connects us to what it means to be human. If we only use expectations and standards to motivate ourselves and others, our focus unnecessarily narrows. We tend to lose sight of the new possibilities and potential that arises as circumstances change and as people grow. Mindfulness training – especially meditation – helps us to discover and rediscover the deeper inspiration that drives and calls us. And we need to remember that being inspired is just as important in leading ourselves, as well as others.

• What inspires you every day? • When you are inspired, how does it feel?

• What can help you to be inspiring when the going gets tough?

• How can you find inspiration in your local community? If you’re stuck for inspiration, I have a couple of events coming up at Momentum that might help to rekindle yours.

Winter is a great time for diving into your personal growth! My next six-week Beginners Meditation Course starts Thursday 12 July 2018. You’ll be supported to develop your own mindfulness meditation practice and to experience a more centred, calm and understanding approach to yourself and everyday life. Rediscover Yourself and Your Enneagram Type Workshop is on Saturday 14 July 2018. You’ll get to explore your Enneagram personality type and understand the Enneagram system to bring greater self-awareness and ease to your everyday habits, actions and relationships. These are two of the most inspiring events that I have the privilege of running – and I’d love to welcome you, if they resonate.

May you be inspirational!


Natalie Snooke is the founder of Momentum Coaching and Yoga, established in 2007. A heart-centred and experienced facilitator, she specialises in guiding men and women to develop focus, presence, creativity and compassion in their personal and professional lives.