Yoga Tips and Etiquette

Before coming along to your first yoga class at Momentum we’d like you to know a few things, to help you and others to get the most out of your experience with us:

Clothing & Personal Hygiene

  • Wear comfortable, semi-fitted clothing that you can move in. We suggest avoid wearing long, baggy pants that drag on the ground or baggy t-shirts that hang in your face when you are semi upside-down as it can impact on your breathing and feel uncomfortable.
  • We suggest avoiding wearing jewellery, especially dangling necklaces and rings, as we do lots of work with our fingers and hands spread. And it is nice to have complete freedom in your hands.
  • Our studio is SHOES-FREE. Please remove your shoes outside the studio, then carry them in and stow them in the storage cubicles.
  • Yoga is practised with bare feet so no particular footwear is required. Make sure that your feet are clean and free of any odours.
  • In winter, you are most welcome to wear socks at the beginning of the class and for the final relaxation. We recommend wearing warm socks for all yin, meditation and deep relaxation classes, where there is more body stillness, especially in the colder months.
  • Please avoid wearing any scented perfumes or after-shave – these scents will be intensified by the heat of the practice and may become over-powering for other students. 

Health & Wellbeing

  • Attend class on an empty stomach – ideally wait three hours after a meal and one hour after a snack of light food e.g. fruit. Unless you are pregnant, then you may eat a snack before class, as you feel you need to. 
  • Advise your teacher before class about any new injuries or health problems. They are there to support you.
  • Make sure your body is well-hydrated during the day and before class by drinking water regularly. Take a good drink before class but it is recommended not to drink at all during class – so that the internal, detoxifying effects of the practice are not ‘watered down’ by ingesting fluid. If you need to drink, take small sips only.
  • Bring along a small towel if you are inclined to sweat – vinyasa flow classes will induce some warmth and sweat in the body, but nothing too drastic. For beginners, you should be fine without a towel.

    Class & Studio Etiquette
  • Arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time to enable you to set up your mat and get settled without rushing. We accept late arrivals up to 5 minutes, but after that, our door will be closed – no offence, it is the same for everyone! Late arrivals tend to be disruptive to other students and important practices and information shared by the teacher at the start of the class gets missed.
  • Please store any water bottles in the storage cubicles so they are not an obstacle for the teacher who may be walking around between yoga mats and students.
  • If you must walk around during class, please do not step on other people’s mats.
  • All yoga mats and equipment is supplied. If you have your own yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it. You will be required to ‘spray and wipe’ your borrowed yoga mat at the end of your class.
  • Yoga practice follows a system that allows for complete integration of body, mind and psyche, and finishing a class early means that this process is compromised. If you absolutely need to leave the class early, please advise your teacher before the class starts so that you can include a short period of stillness relaxation at the end before you go. Otherwise, leaving the class before or during the final relaxation is not possible.
  • Mobile telephones must be left in the storage area and switched off during class.
  • Feel welcome to discuss any concerns or questions with your teacher after class.
  • Listen to your body, be patient and go gently. Have an open, curious mind – and enjoy your yoga. ?