Class Types and Styles

Hatha-Vinyasa-Yoga-Momentum_Yoga-Melville-Perth "The science of physical and mental harmony is known as Hatha Yoga."
~ Swami Muktibodhananda

There are many different styles and approaches to Yoga practice. Understanding them helps you to decide the best classes to attend at Momentum, given your level of interest and physical capacity.

Yoga is a complete, classical system of body-centred yoga practices that is most commonly taught in Australia and many other Western countries today. It is founded on developing self-awareness as a tool for living a more peaceful, joyful life.

Hatha Yoga is an ideal choice for beginner students to learn the foundations of yoga practice and to learn how to slow-down and connect with the body and breath. Hatha Yoga can be safely and effectively practised by men and women of all ages and physical fitness.

Hatha means to harmonise or balance the body. Ha meaning sun (or warming, masculine, active) energy and tha meaning moon (or cooling, feminine, receptive) energy.  We each have both of these energies within us. Hatha Yoga shifts the energy through the body by stretching and strengthening, softening and relaxing to create a harmonising effect. Through physical postures, breathwork and other practices, over time it develops both physical and mental strength, vitality and flexibility as well as peace-of-mind.  

Gentle Yoga is a nurturing and restorative approach to Hatha Yoga. It involves gentle, stabilising yoga postures including the use of props like bolsters for added support. Gentle Yoga is an ideal choice for students who prefer a more restful practice, those with physical limitations, those who are recovering from an illness or are rehabilitating from an injury.  

At Momentum, a Hatha Yoga or Gentle Yoga class involves practising a combination of static yoga postures (called asana) with an emphasis on correct body alignment and that may include slow sequences of movement. The class will also include breath control exercises (called pranayama); calming of the senses; concentration/relaxation practices and/or basic meditation. The principles and timeless philosophy that underpins Hatha Yoga may also be mentioned in class.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a more dynamic style of Hatha Yoga where the postures are combined into a faster-paced, flowing practice that synchronises movements with an active breath.  When the postures are performed in quick succession, heat is created in the body that helps to detoxify the internal organs and produces a light sweat in the body. Vinyasa Yoga develops physical fitness, agility and flexibility. 

At Momentum, a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class involves practising different sequences of postures created and choreographed with fluid transitions by the teacher. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is recommended for more experienced students or those who prefer a more active yoga practice. Students can expect to be challenged, to sweat and to feel energised, yet centred at the end of the practice. Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes will also include breath control exercises (called pranayama); calming of the senses; concentration/relaxation practices and/or basic meditation. The principles and timeless philosophy that underpins Hatha Yoga may also be mentioned in class.

At Momentum we also offer other specialised classes in Yin Yoga Pregnancy Yoga, and Meditation . We'd love to welcome you - there's something for everyone!

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Beginners Yoga

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