Chanting & Chai

with Asakti Evans, Branan Silvius & Jamie David

Next event: Friday 13 August

Come and experience the profound healing, centring and pure joy of chanting - the yoga of song - and connect with others in our friendly community. 

Chanting involves repeating sacred mantras and sounds to create a high-energy vibration in the body and mind - bringing us back to our innate, loving presence. 

Like singing, chanting is energising and great fun! It gets us beyond our mental chatter and into the depths of our heart.

Asakti's beautiful, strong vocals and vibrant presence leads us through the sacred sounds and mantras in the traditional form of 'kirtan' - chanting via call and response. 

Asakti is accompanied by Branan Silvius, a dedicated Druhpad vocalist of Hindustani Raga music, along with Fremantle musician-singer-songwriter Jamie David. Listen to Asakti, Branan and the Momentum community chanting  here.

Chanting is for everyone - it requires no experience or singing ability.

If you already practice yoga or meditation, then chanting is another dimension of authentic practice and a powerful way to deepen your Self-exploration and inner peace.  

If you're new to chanting, just love music or a good singalong, we'd love to welcome you! Chanting is a non-judgmental exploration of the heart, independent of vocal skill or musical technique. 

We keep it simple and real - there's no frills, but plenty of heart and soul!

Stay afterwards and join our friendly community for a chat over a healthy vegetarian supper - including our delicious homemade chai. That's warm, Indian spiced-tea made with milk (caffeine and dairy-free).

The benefits of chanting include:  

*  Easing an anxious or troubled mind.   
*  Relaxing tension in the body.
*  Opening the heart.
*  Being happy and joyful for no good reason!

*  Feelings of natural love.
*  Deepening of Self-awareness.
*  Promoting healthy emotional expression and release.  

"When our voices unite, it brings us closer to each other and into the natural joy of our own hearts." ~ Natalie 

"Thanks for such a wonderful evening. The chanting was amazing, incredible vibrations and feelings of joy." ~ Carli

More About Chanting

Chanting has its roots in traditional Bhakti Yoga in ancient India, stemming back around 5000 years.  And it is one of the pure forms of 'devotional practice' still alive and well in India today. Here in the West we are coming to appreciate chanting's profound healing and spiritual value.               

The mantras we chant are simple to learn - and words are provided. Spiritual without being religious, they are often sung in Sanskrit, the ancient language of Yoga, and represent different forms of the divine in the Indian culture such as Shiva, Krishna, Buddha or Ganesh.

Mantras are about the universal journey of the human spirit, the nature of the human heart and the beauty that resides in each of us. 

Booking Details

Seats at our chanting events are currently limited to 35 people, due to Covid19 spacing restrictions. Pre-booked tickets are recommended, with limited door sales on the night, if places remain. Each person attending needs to provide their email address and phone number.

Once your booking payment is made, you will receive an emailed receipt. Then on the day of the event, you will receive an email reminder with all of the details. If you can no longer attend and email us by 5pm on the day of the event, you may choose to 'gift' your seat to another person. However, we are unable to refund or transfer your booking to another night - thanks for you understanding.

Day:    Fridays monthly 

Time:  7.00- 8.30pm followed by supper

Dates in 2021: 16 January, 19 February, 12 March, 9 April, 14 May, 18 June, 16 July, 13 August, 17 September, 8 October, 12 November, 10 December.

Cost: $25 full price 
$20 low income/concession (seniors, students and health-care card holders)
Includes vegetarian supper and our delicious chai!

We look forward to welcoming you at chanting!

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