Making New Year Commitments Fun

January 20th, 2014

With the advent of another new calendar year comes the temptation to make half-hearted ‘resolutions’ that might sound good and idealistic in a fleeting moment, yet don’t serve us or inspire us in the long-term. Resolutions made without any real sense of commitment usually lead to us feeling de-motivated and less confident about ourselves. Commitment, now there’s a word that many of us shy away from!

So, how can we set goals, with commitment, that are both worthwhile and enjoyable? It has to do with our attitude.

A quick check of the dictionary describes commitment as ‘the act of committing, engaging or pledging oneself’. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we all have things that we have ‘committed’ to. Noticing where you spend most of your energy and time each week, will reveal to what and to whom you’re actually ‘committed’ to. And if we aren’t mindful and act like ‘it doesn’t matter’ or we tell ourselves ‘I couldn’t do that’ then in effect, we’re pledging ourselves to negative attitudes that will stop us from really enjoying our life and becoming more of the person we want to be. What New Year’s brings is a refreshing opportunity to mindfully reassess and make a more CONSCIOUS commitment to what matters most to you and also an opportunity to have FUN in the process.

Try these steps:n1. First, make a commitment to FUN, that no matter what your goal or intention is, that you’ll do the work that it takes, but that you’ll be light-hearted with yourself and enjoy the process!n2. Second, that YOU are worth your time and energy. No one else can do it for you. Make your priority #1 commitment to yourself. Self-growth and self-happiness can only come from you and your efforts.n3. Third, write down your goals and intentions. Use clear, simple, positive and inspirational language. Read them with a trusted partner or friend. And stick them on your fridge, mirror or wall where you can read them everyday.

May 2014 be your year to shine brighter and to enjoy your journey in every way possible!