Getting Focused for the Year Ahead

January 5th, 2015

Happy New Year! You might have noticed that along with the delicious days (or weeks if you’re lucky!) for chilling-out in January comes an instinctive urge to start planning. There’s a flurry of visions, goals and uncanny urges to ‘make’ things happen in 2015. How many times have you said THIS is going to be MY YEAR – starting NOW! Remember that past new year’s resolution that you were completely gung-ho about and were convinced it was the answer but that sadly died-in-the-arse (sorry for any language offense) by March?! Don’t get me wrong, New Year’s is a great time for setting goals and intentions. There’s definitely that vibe in the air. And awesome. You’ve claimed your right to want something better for yourself. But to get there, to accomplish your desires as well as to feel a deeper sense of happiness, the F word cannot be forgotten…FOCUS.

What do we mean by focus? Focus means the state of maximum clarity or concentration after refraction or reflection. First and foremost, focus needs reflection. Time for carefully considering perspectives, for bringing pieces together – before true clarity is reached. Many goals or intentions don’t ever come to fruition because we rush in with hopeful ideas without having given ourselves enough time for them to digest.

During reflection time, different things can happen. Some people have hundreds of ideas that create confusion about which ones are best to go for. Others find that there’s an initial ‘stalemate’ and slowly the bigger things bubble to the surface. Whilst others are more methodical, making lists and evaluating alternatives. Or maybe you’re a combination of all three. Whatever your tendency, allow yourself enough time (the whole of January if you need it, but not so long that you never shift beyond it) and space to be in reflection mode. Consider pondering and/or making notes to these questions: What have I learned about myself in 2014? What are my reasons for wanting to change? What matters most to me? What is my life purpose? What am I willing to do and not to do? Another name for concentration is meditation. If you’re already into yoga or meditation, or another form of somatic movement, one of the best ways to help yourself reflect and peel away layers of doubt is through regular practice.

At Momentum all our daily classes offer inspiration to support you – maybe its time for you to get back to your regular class or to explore a new one? And if you’re feeling stuck, our Intend and Create Workshops with Amber Spear next weekend are a great way to kick-start the process. If reading this blog gives you a mild anxiety attack and you’ve tried everything yourself, but feel like it hasn’t really worked, then more personalised support could serve you well. After all, I want you to focus, enjoy as well as accomplish in 2015! Check out my spiritual or life coaching. It’s a great journey where I’ll keep you (gently) true to yourself and get to cheer you on. Yay! Know that whatever energy and space you allow for reflection will create better focus – the focus that’s just right for you, for now.