Five Ways to Stay Calm and Confident this Christmas

December 2nd, 2014

End of school concerts, work Christmas parties, pressures to buy stuff for people who don’t need it, even a swag of yoga events happening. With so much going on, it can be enough to over-shadow all of the effort and quality time you’ve put into nurturing yourself on the yoga mat this year. But fear not. It doesn’t have to be like that. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, it’s now time to engage all of the self-care and awareness tools you’ve been dosed with. You can survive this Christmas. More than that. You can prepare well, relish the break and celebrate all of its goodness. Here’s our five hottest tips for not becoming another victim of the Christmas crisis. 1. Shift your attitude. Catch yourself when you’re starting to say things like “I’m so stressed out” or “There’s too much to do”. Yes, you do have things to do but the approach (stress or calm) is up to you. What you tell yourself you become, so choose your self-talk. Instead say “I’m taking things step-by-step” or “I just do what I need to do”. 2. Remember to say ‘No’.

Yes means nothing if you can’t say no. If you say yes to everything and everyone, you’ll probably burn out. Choose carefully and be prepared to say a firm, but gentle ‘no’. 3. Take Each Day as it Comes.

Be present to each day and keep it simple. Ask yourself in the morning, ‘what are the three most important things I need to accomplish today?’ Put your energy and focus into getting those done and be happy with that. 4. Remember to Breathe.

When we’re anxious or stressed, the breath gets lost which inhibits us from accessing our creativity and joy. Make a point of keeping up your regular breath practice (if you already have one) or build some breathing moments into your day, like when you’re driving and waiting at the traffic lights, in-between work meetings or sanding in queue at Woolies. Take long, slow in-breaths, breathing into your belly, chest then upper shoulders and long slow out-breaths, feeling the breath wave back down your body. Do 5-10 rounds. You’ll feel all the better for it. 5. In the End, Its Being that Counts

You can spend your life in busy-ness and having an endless to-do list, trying to be every-thing to every-one, or you can practice just being – each and every day. When you become skilled at being – and remembering yourself as a human being – it naturally overcomes the needy trap of ‘doing’. When being is our fore-most way of showing-up in the world, then staying calm is much easier. Things take on a natural order and we get done what we need to, as we need to, without the layers of stress and strain. Even in the lead-up to Christmas.

Choose how you’ll approach this Christmas and enjoy the journey! Take some time-out with us at Momentum this Christmas. We’re open with daily classes right up to and beyond Christmas. And a swag of great events to keep you smiling.