Deep, Abiding Happiness ~ A Moment in the Garden

September 22nd, 2012

This morning, I had one of those deeply nourishing moments that helps to remind me what life is all about.

As I was watering the plants, listening to the birds and their sweet morning-song, watching the droplets of water from the hose caress the earth, ‘beingness’ overcame me. I don’t mean to sound too esoteric, but it was one of those moments when time stood still and everything was incredibly lucid and perfect.

And moments before, my mind had been busily reflecting over a particularly busy week-that-was, seemingly overloaded with ‘to do lists’ and playing multiple (and sometimes simultaneous) roles of yoga teacher, understanding boss, friend, sister, mentor, life coach, IT consultant, dental patient, daughter etc etc (You get the gist!) In that moment, I realised that nothing needed to change. That despite feelings of overwhelm at times, I could see through it all to a deep, abiding happiness. A well of joy had been released and in that moment, I was free!

It’s moment like these that have a lasting impact. Just a little taste of inner joy like this helps to put life into perspective in many ways. It showed me the beauty of life when I leave everything as it is, and just notice what is there within me. Peace, joy and delight! Letting life express itself through me rather than ‘me’ thinking I need to make life as it ‘should’ be. This experience reminded me of a quote I read a few years ago.

I dug it out of my files to share: “The mind and intellect cannot capture peace. They have a different function. Peace, joy and true happiness are not subjects for thought. There is a feeling behind being alive. There are no explanations for it.” ~ Maharaji Life has the ongoing capacity to teach us everything we need to know, if we let it. Perhaps you too might relate to a moment like this? I hope so. Keep a look out for them. They’re precious gifts from beyond.