Birth Workshop ~ Yoga, Meditation & Embodiment

with Marianna Garaboni

Saturday 1 August 2020

Unplug from your rational mind - full of childbirth fears, facts and beliefs - and open to the intuitive, powerful wisdom of your pregnant body, mind and heart.

"There is a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong." ~ Laura Stavoe Harm

This Birth Workshop combines pregnancy yoga postures, meditation and an active, embodied approach to preparing for childbirth.

Come along to increase your confidence and capacity, learning both mental approaches and practical skills to use through the stages of labour and intensity of childbirth.

Women at all stages of pregnancy, with or without yoga or meditation experience, will benefit and are welcome to attend.   

Your Learning

This workshop emphasises the power of a natural approach to childbirth, wherever conditions make it possible, and how to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby during childbirth and pregnancy.

You will be guided to explore: 

  • Pregnancy yoga postures and sequences;
  • Active birth movements and birthing positions;
  • The practice of embodiment - how to practically access your body's wisdom and trust your intuition;
  • Pain management techniques rooted in yoga, including breath awareness, visualisation and mantras;
  • How to have a positive attitude towards labour;                     
  • Overcoming anxiety, dealing with the unpredictable and not having total control of your birth experience.
Each participant will be given handouts with pain management techniques to practice at home. 

About the Facilitator 

Marianna Garaboni (pictured right) is a Yoga Australia registered yoga teacher, a qualified prenatal yoga teacher and an experienced mindfulness facilitator.

She is the happy mother of three and it was through different childbirth experiences - one with medical interventions and two completely natural - that she understood the true meaning of 'empowerment' in childbirth.

Marianna has a background in psychology and her warm, compassionate approach greatly influences her teaching style. She gives great attention to the mind-body connection throughout all the classes, courses and workshops she presents.

Booking Details

Places at the workshop are limited to 12 pregnant women, at any stage of pregnancy, with or without yoga or meditation experience.

Once your payment is made, your will receive an emailed receipt to confirm your registration. Then the day before the workshop, we will email you a reminder with all of the details you need to know.

Receive a BONUS GIFT when you register for the workshop and also book for a Pregnancy Yoga Course. We have a beautiful handmade, silk-covered lavender or rose-scented eye pillow to gift you - that you can use during the workshop, as well as for a lovely, personalised touch to your pregnancy self-care, birth experience and beyond. 

Dates:      1 August, 19 September, 31 October & 12 December 2020

Day/Time:    Saturday 2.00 - 4.30pm

Cost:      $75 

Venue:    Momentum studio at  4/575 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, south of the river, Perth.
               Click here for location details.

We look forward to welcoming you at the workshop!


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