Yin Yoga Mind-Body Winter Workshop
with Laura Cargill

Saturday 12 August 2017 

Restore your vitality, kick-start fatigue and feel the well-being you need for Winter in this special two-hour Yin Yoga workshop.

Unless we are balanced, during this time of year we are more likely to experience energy stagnation, a sluggish immune system and an imbalance in the nervous system with depressive or anxious moods.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Winter season correlates with the water element, the kidneys in the body and the emotion of fear. 

We can access our inner strength this Winter to remain physically well, to adjust to changes in life with confidence and to clearly articulate our thoughts and feelings without fear.

The Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice with long-held, deeply relaxing postures that open and balance the ‘meridians’ or energy pathways of the body/mind, restoring our natural balance and health. 

"Learning to relax in Yin postures like Pentacle helps us to feel and release tensions that are deep within us. Not just the gross skeletal muscles but subtle tensions in the eyes, heart, diaphragm, stomach or skull can be isolated and relaxed. This healthy habit helps us to distance ourselves from negative tensions and deal with them more effectively. A valuable skill in our heart attack prone society." ~ Paul Grilley, founder of Yin Yoga

Laura (pictured below right) has recently completed her Yin Yoga Teacher Training with international teacher Jo Phee and will share the practical and healing benefits of Yin Yoga, as well as the seasonal elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You'll Receive:

  • grounding Yin Yoga practice to promote the flow of chi (energy) to remove blockages and toxicity, suitable for all students beginners to experienced;
  • release deeply held physical and mental tension;
  • support your nervous system by accessing the kidney merideans for inner-strength;
  • learn about the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine for overall health;
  • gain mental clarity, emotional calm and a deep sense of inner harmony;
  • experience the powerful stillness ‘yin’ creates to balance our ‘yang’ lifestyle; 
  • feel a greater sense of well-being in your body, mind, heart and spirit.
We will use props to support the body, making this workshop safe, accessible and suitable to any age or body type.  

After the workshop, you will walk away feeling more open in your body and centred in your mind, with greater balance through the nervous system. 
Complete beginners, as well as experienced students with a regular Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga practice, will benefit from this workshop.  
Date:   Saturday 12 August 2017
Time:   2.00 - 4.00pm
Cost:  $50
Bookings:  Bookings are essential. 20 places only. Submit the button below to book on-line. 

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