Yin Yoga Mind-Body Summer Workshop
with Laura Cargill

Saturday 17 February 2018

Yin Yoga Mind Body WorkshopCreate the cool, clarity and conscious intentions you need for your Summer in this special 2 hour workshop.

Yin Yoga draws upon the energetic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Summer is associated with the element of fire and the heart and small intestine organs. 

This is the optimum time to connect with our joyful heart and embrace our intentions to live life to the fullest - whilst balancing our energy and activity.

If we take the time to 'turn down the heat' and balance over-activity, we prevent ourselves from suffering from inflammation, overstimulation, anxiety and nervousness - the common imbalances that happen in Summer. 

Yin Yoga is a practice with long-held, deeply relaxing postures that open and balance the ‘meridians’ or energy pathways of the body/mind, helping to restore our natural balance and optimum health.  


The Benefits:

Join our workshop to enjoy a range of physical and mental benefits:
  • clear blockages and promote the flow of chi (energy) with specific Yin Yoga postures for Summer; 
  • release deeply held physical and mental tension;
  • learn how to access the meridians for balance in the Summer season;
  • discover the profound wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
  • find mental clarity and a deeper sense of inner peace;
  • experience the powerful stillness ‘yin’ creates to balance our ‘yang’ lifestyle; 
  • feel a greater sense of well-being in your body, mind, heart and spirit.
This workshop is suitable for all levels of student from beginners to experienced. 

Props can be used to support the body, making this workshop safe, accessible and suitable to any age or body type.  Students with a regular yang-based Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga practice, will benefit from the balancing effects of this workshop.    

Past Workshop Participants Say:

"Your workshop was excellent - it went beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed learning about the elements and emotions of the season, gaining insight into chi, learning how to move the body in sync and how to adapt to the changes in the season. Thank you Laura for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience."  Alison Smith

"Your workshop was insightful, skillful, healing and helpful. I loved learning how the merideans work in helping different parts of the body."  ND

"This is a workshop that everyone should attend to help the body feel renewed and relaxed. The yin poses helped tremendously with my back pain." Bev Hawke

"The slow pace and focus of your workshop made it calming and meditative. It was excellent and just what I needed, thank you so much." Teresa

Details & Bookings:

Date:   Saturday 17 February 2018
Time:   2.00 - 4.00pm
Cost:  $60
Bookings:  Bookings are essential.  20 places only.  Submit the button below to book on-line. 

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