Teen's Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness
with Dani Sands

Term 2 Starts: Tuesday 1 May 2018


Regular yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice is proven to help teenagers manage stress, improve focus, increase resilience and enhance self-esteem - and it's fun to learn!

Join our effective, supportive Teen's Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness term classes for girls and guys aged 12-17 years. 

Over-stimulation is the reality of today's technology-driven world for teenagers and they often don't know how to 'switch-off' or be themselves. Getting 'out of the head' and 'into the body' is the key to mindfulness and a happier, healthier, more at ease teenager.

Mindfulness is both a practice and a way of looking at life. It's about being able to slow down, to centre attention at will and to be okay with things 'just as they are'. 

We teach simple and effective yoga postures to stengthen, tone and relax the body; breath work to calm the nervous system; meditation to centre the attention and different mindfulness skills and activities to practice in everyday life.  

Our non-competitive approach inspires and encourages  teenagers to feel naturally good about their body, mind and emotions and teaches them to develop healthy lifestyle habits as they grow and mature.

The Benefits

With regular practice, research shows that yoga, meditation and mindfulness helps to improve the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of teenagers in a range of ways: 

  • Improves focus and a relaxed concentration;
  • Balances emotional reactivity;
  • Develops creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills;Teens_yoga_classes_Momentum_caoching_Yoga_Melville
  • Improves posture;
  • Develops physical strength, flexibility, coordination and balance;
  • Reduces anxiety and enhances ability to cope with stress;
  • Develops discipline and an interest in having a healthy lifestyle;
  • Builds a healthy self-esteem;
  • Encourages appreciation and acceptance of the body/mind and any limitations. 
With regular class practice over the course of a term and school year, we notice positive shifts in students' attitude, energy levels, concentration and self-esteem.

Each week we cover a set, structured program with clear learning objectives and take-home activities and practices, to optimise students' learning. 
We also invite a parent to attend each student's first class - this enables the parent to get an understanding of mindfulness and builds a shared approach at home.
No previous yoga or meditation experience is required - we cover everything from scratch.  Our classes are suitable for active students who already have an exercise routine as well as more sedentary students ready to engage their bodies and mind.  We talk openly in class about the importance of being self-aware and responsible for our own health and happiness - and encourage students to find their own safe limitations, especially if they have an injury. 

Our experienced teacher is Dani Sands (pictured left). Dani has been teaching teenagers yoga and meditation for over 8 years. She is warm, friendly and very encouraging with students.  Read more about Natalie.

What Our Students Say

"Yoga is an experience that is really beneficial and worth going to. I learned mostly to stay positive, to keep calm and not judge myself. The teacher really und erstands what you're going through and gives lots of options so we can stop if we need to." Georgie King

"Your yoga and mindfulness is great - inclusive, fun and engaging. The stretching really helped me."  Kale Griffiths

"The most important thing I learned in your Teen's Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness was how to relax, and as weird as that sounds, after my first class I felt more relaxed than stressed about doing my homework for the night. I also really liked the teacher, the other people in the class and made new friends. Thanks!"  Estelle

Term Details & Bookings

Class Time/Day:       4.30 - 5.45pm Tuesdays -  no classes during school holidays

Term 1:  6 February - 10 April (10 weeks)
Term 2:  1 May - 26 June (9 weeks)
Term 3:  17 July - 18 September (10 weeks)
Term 4:  9 October - 11 December (10 weeks)

Cost:          $130/term single booking or $240/term double siblings booking
                  $18 per casual class

Bookings:  15 students maximum per class. To gain the most benefits we recommend and prefer students commit to a full term.  Term bookings are available until the end of week 2 of each term. Preference places are given to students who book for the term.

To book your place for a term, please press the below "Book for this Event Online' button and follow the on-line instructions. Click here to also complete a Student Regstration Form. Bookings are not required for a casual place, however please call us on 9330 1988 first to ensure we have enough space for you to join the class.

We look forward to welcoming you and your teenager!


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