Relax & Renew Day Retreat

with Natalie Snooke

Sunday 2 December 2018

Join us on this Day Retreat to create calm, reconnect with yourself and rediscover what's most important to you, before the Christmas rush.  

"To experience peace does not always mean that your life is blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind, amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life."   Jill Bolte Taylor    

Participating in our Day Retreat is invaluable time-out for you not just to relax, but for deeper reflection and self-growth.

We offer you a unique blend of gentle yoga and meditation practice, nourishing food and empowering, insightful, coaching activities that you can take-away and apply in your life.

The benefits include:

* A renewed focus for the weeks and months ahead.
* Time to reconnect with your body and your heart. 
* Quiet time for personal reflection and writing. 
* Slowing down and a relaxed pace, in like-minded company
* A free follow-up life coaching session with Natalie (optional).

"I found your Day Retreat to be a gentle, yet empowering experience.  And a must for anyone no matter what your current circumstances."  ~ Shelley

"Your retreat was a great learning opportunity and its difficult to put into words, there were so many useful apsects. Overall it gave me ideas and practical ways that I can adopt at home to address my work-life balance issues. It had more substance than many self-development courses offered elsewhere." ~ Chris

Natalie (pictured right) has many years of coaching and teaching experience. You'll be skillfully guided to deeply relax and to listen to your heart. The only pre-requisite is a willingness to give yourself this time.

The Schedule

The Day Retreat has a full, yet relaxed schedule that includes:

Yin-Yang Yoga - an energising and restorative morning practice to release stress for the body and mind, setting a calm, steady foundation for your day to unfold. The practice is for all body types - suitable for those both with and without prior yoga experience. You'll receive plenty of instructions, props and hands-on assistance if you're a beginner, as well as more subtle cues for experienced yogis who enjoy deeper practice.

"As a guy not having done yoga before, I realised that I don't have to 'get it perfect'. I liked the breathing techniques, reflecting on my mindset and learning to enjoy, without judgment. All up, it was a great and very centring day." ~ Adam

Breathwork - an afternoon session of guided, yogic breathwork (called pranayama) to deeply calm the nervous system, create inner stillness and enhance wisdom. The breathing techniques are valuable practices to take-home and use for yourself. 

Nourishing food
  we provide a delicious, homemade, vegetarian lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks, cooked with love by Natalie's Mum. Pus our famous homemade chai! Anyone with special dietary needs, such as gluten-free or vegan, will be happily catered for - just let us know on your Registration Form.  

Self-growth session - designed to get you thinking, feeling and reflecting. You'll be guided to acknowledge the life challenges, opportunities and transitions that you currently find yourself in. In a supportive, non-judgmental group you will get to share your insights (if you feel comfortable to do so), explore perspectives, get creative and identify meaningful, practical goals and steps to apply in your everyday life.

"Your relaxed and informal approach gave me the space and time for personal reflection. Taking the time to focus on me, I enjoyed setting clear intentions and learning how to be more purposeful in my thoughts and actions." ~ Melanie

Relaxation and meditation - the day concludes with guided relaxation and meditation, to help you integrate energetically and enable you to return to your life feeling a natural sense of confidence and renewal. 

To get the most out of your retreat experience, we suggest allowing plenty of time to arrive early and leave without having to rush off to another event. After the retreat, it's helpful to give yourself extra relaxation and self-time to fully integrate the retreat benefits and settle back into your routine.

"The day was relaxing time to check-in and a mixture of yoga, meditation, discussion and self-reflection. It was a nourishing and nurturing space and awesome food!"  ~ Paul 

Life Coaching Follow-Up

Within a fortnight of the retreat, you'll also receive a complimentary, personal follow-up Life Coaching session with Natalie.  It's optional, so you don't have to take it. But many retreat participants find this invaluable and it helps them to stay focused and more committed to their goals and intentions, beyond the Day Retreat.

If you've been curious about Life Coaching and wanted to give it a try, this is a great way to taste Natalie's approach and to see how it could work for you, without any extra financial commitment.

"It was a wonderful, relaxing and insightful day that has allowed me to honestly reassess my life. I always love coming to Momentum and sharing the beautiful atmosphere and energy. Thank you."  ~ Janet

Bookings Details

Places are limited to 16 people. Our Day Retreat is popular and often fills-up, so we encourage you to book your place early!

Once you have booked and paid for your place, you will receive an emailed receipt to confirm your registration. Then the day before the retreat, you'll receive a reminder email from us with all of the details of what to bring etc.

Date:   Sunday 2 December 2018

Time:   10.45am - 4.45pm

Cost:     $170 single or $300 double booking (with a partner or friend) 
              Includes the day + follow-up Life Coaching session (30 minutes)                                                                                
As part of your booking, please also complete our on-line Retreat Registration Form that  includes important information about any dietary restrictions.    

We look forward to sharing this special day with you!


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