Pregnancy Yoga Course
with Kristen Rodic

Next Course Starts: Wednesday 5 September 2018

Pregnancy Yoga at MomentumOur Pregnancy Yoga is a specialised approach to yoga, that supports and empowers women to ease anxiety and thrive during all stages of pregnancy. 

Our six-week courses guide new and experienced mums-to-be to deeply relax, to build resilience and overcome the many challenges of pregnancy - physically, mentally and emotionally. 

With a strong emphasis on meditative techniques and breathing for relaxation, we'll help you to deepen the connection with your baby. We guide you through gentle stretches and strength-building postures that will help keep you in healthy-shape as well as relieve some of the common pregnancy aches and discomforts.

By coming to the course each week you'll benefit by:

                • feeling healthy, balanced and strong in your body 
                • calming the mind with specific breathing and meditation techniques, that you can also practice at home
                • learning how to be confident in yourself, no mater what happens at birth
                • relaxing in quality 'self-time' away the busy-ness of life
                • deepening your self-awareness
                • the special attention, expertise and support of our yoga community. 
"Thanks to your Pregnancy Yoga teachings, I was able to have a drug-free natural birth for my baby girl. I never thought the yoga poses and relaxation techniques would be quite so valuable, but it helped me beyond my expectations! Thanks again, I will be recommending you highly to anyone who will listen." Cath Overend

Who Can Attend?

Suitable for complete beginners to yoga or meditation, as well as those who already have some yoga experience, our Pregnancy Yoga Course caters for everyone. We welcome women from all cultural backgrounds, ages and in all trimesters and stages of pregnancy.  

The six-week course is structured and builds week-by-week, with notes and take-home practices.   Once you've completed the course, you can continue atttending the Wednesday nights as extra classes where we'll support you to  safely continue your yoga as your pregnancy develops, right up until the arrival of your baby.

Our Pregnancy Yoga teacher is Kristen Rodic (pictured in class above). Kristen is an experienced, specialist pre-natal yoga teacher and mum, who openly shares her wisdom and personal stories with expectant Mums. Read more about Kristen.   

What Our Participants Say

"The midwife said she really noticed the difference with mothers that practiced yoga!  The breathing and mental preparation through meditation I learned at your Pregnancy Yoga Course made all the difference for me. Thank you so much."  Julie Meeham

"Your Pregnancy Yoga course was a great experience. It was very personal and what was special was there was always time to talk about things going on for us." TH

"The best thing about your Pregnancy Yoga Course was taking time out to focus on my body and breath. Your teachings were non-judgmental and we truly focused on well-being and positivity, rather than giving an opinion or agenda about birth practices. Thank you so much!" Mandy

"Alison's calming voice and narrative was heavenly. I enjoyed every aspect of your Pregnancy Yoga Course. We focused on a new technique each week that I could practice at home and teach my husband. It was very honouring of the beautiful women in the course and I always left feeling calm and empowered. I just wished it lasted forever!" Maddie Gras 

"Your Pregnancy Yoga Course was above my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone. I learned skills and techniques that I will be able to use in labour and as a new mother. Being able to switch my mind off from everyday stressors during the meditation at the end of every session was so calming. I feel way more positive and confident about giving birth." Emma

"I had my gorgeous baby boy Anthony on 17 November. We had a c-section because of some complications in the labour, but it was all good. I practiced the yoga breathing and postures very much during contractions, thank you for teaching me!" Tai L 

"The opportunity to meet other expectant mothers and get little bits of information each week, that I wouldn't have otherwise known to ask was so helpful. Your Pregnancy Yoga Course taught me many different relaxation techniques - ones that actually work for me. It's been really worthwhile and enjoyable." Jade Nelson

"I loved your Pregnancy Yoga Course. It became a vital part of my pregnancy each week with the helpful and supportive group. The relaxation techniques and birthing positions were a must-do for any pregnant woman." Rachel C

"We feel so happy with our little girl Anouk. My advice to new Mums yet to 'pop', make sure you've got a good support team. Shoulder massage and somebody telling you to take deep breaths and relax really helps. Thank you so much for your brilliant and inspiring Pregnancy Yoga classes - they really got me through my pregnancy." Martine Pronk  

Booking Information

Each Pregnancy Yoga Course has a maximum of 12 new participants - with a pre-paid booking to secure your place.  If you're unsure about the course, you may book and attend your first week as a trial. Then  if you're dissatisfied and find it doesn't meet your needs, we will refund  your course fee,  less a class attendance and administration fee of $35.   
Once you've completed the six-week course, you can continue to attend the weekly class as a casual student for $25 or with a prepaid Ten Class Pass (any 10 classes to be used in 3 months for $180 full price or $160 concession). 

Day & Time:     Wednesdays 7.00 - 8.15pm

2018 Course Dates:  
31 January - 7 March (6 weeks)
14 March - 18 April (6 weeks)
2 May - 6 June (6 weeks)
13 June - 18 July (6 weeks)
25 July - 29 August (6 weeks)
5 September - 10 October (6 weeks)
17 October - 21 November (6 weeks)
28 November - 19 December (4 weeks only) $120

 $170 single booking or $320 double (booking with a friend)                                   

Bookings:  Please press the 'Book for this Event Online' button below, to make your booking.


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