Our Vision, Purpose & Values


Our Vision

At Momentum Coaching & Yoga we believe in the innate power of human potential. In the true peace, goodness and compassion that's found in the heart of each of us.  

Our vision is for a community and a world that embraces our sameness and values spirituality, as equally as it does economic success.

More and more people, leaders and organisations around the world are making shifts from the outward to the inward, from unconscious to conscious living. From always 'doing' to also 'being'. From blaming others to taking self-responsibility and leading by example. From being judgmental to being compassionate. From always needing more and pushing ahead - to giving and letting go.

And to re-discovering themselves in the process. We acknowledge that we too, are a work in progress.

Our Purpose

Momentum is about helping real people enjoy greater happiness and harmony in themselves and in life, through the practice of self-awareness and mindfulness. 

Whether an individual, team or organisation, we guide and support you to come 'home' to yourself. To your heart and core values.

To want you to explore, to learn, to tap-into your unique gifts and to rediscover your essence and truth. Primarily through the self-awareness practices of yoga, mindfulness meditation and coaching, we help you to access your innate wisdom and energy - your momentum - so that you can harness your creativity, be at peace with who you are, enjoy more fulfilling relationships and embrace the personal and professional opportunities that life presents.  

We love and are passionate about what we do. Our team is a group of dedicated yoga and meditation practitioners, who are also qualified in various professions, and are committed to leading conscious, healthy lives. 

We all need an avenue for authentic growth - and Momentum provides this. 

We work with real people and we take a pragmatic approach. This means that we don't offer quick-fixes and promises of overnight success! Positive, lasting growth is a journey and a process of ever-deepening discovery. If this approach resonates with you or your team, then we can very happily support you in that!    

Our Values

Momentum is guided by eight core values:

  • Happiness - knowing that true happiness comes from within each of us and overflows into the simple stuff of everyday life;
  • Community - creating and fostering a community (sangha in Sanskrit) of like-minded people that enjoy, support and inspire one-another's growth;
  • Holistic - sincerity and dedication to a physically healthy, mentally balanced and spiritually fulfilling life;
  • Vitality - living with a calm radiance and healthy energy;
  • Integrity - saying what we do and doing what we say;
  • Compassion - seeking to understand others and respecting the uniqueness, dignity and privacy of students and clients;
  • Diversity - encouraging and actively respecting all people regardless of age, physical limitation, nationality, culture, gender, religion or sexual orientation;
  • Professionalism - seeking to learn and improve, with a commitment to the ethical standards of the coaching and yoga teaching professions.

Community & Aboriginal Heritage

We acknowledge the Whadjuk Nyoongar people as the original custodians of this land on which we work and live. And we pay our respects to their elders past, present and future. Ngaala Kaadity, Whadjuk Nyoongar Moort, keyen kaadak nidja boodja.

The Aborignal name for Alfred Cove is Marrandangup and the local wetlands were used by the Beeliar Nyoongars as an abundant source of yams, crustaceans, turtles and water fowl. Today Alfred Cove is a protected nature reserve.

We value being part of the local community and we love supporting others. Our Community Connections are students, clients, friends and other small businesses known to us.

We play our part in helping to preserve the beautiful local natural environment around the Swan River in Bicton. In partnerhsip with the Bicton Environmental Action Group our Bicton Foreshore and Blackwell Reach Community Volunteering project sees us get our hands dirty helping with revegetation, weed control and envirnmental protection.

Our History

Momentum began in 2007 in Bunbury, where Natalie Snooke practiced as a home-based sole-practitioner. Following her move to Fremantle in 2009 and an intention to offer more through Momentum, she began an office in the historic Old Fremantle Prison and ran yoga classes from several established studios in the Fremantle area.

In 2011, following a calling to expand, the right place became available and Momentum's own centre was established in Melville. Based in the Melville Professional Centre, Momentum earned its reputation as a respected wellness centre, serving thousands of people in the local residential and business communities. 

In 2017 we relocated to a fresh new studio space in Alfred Cove, as part of the friendly Alfred Cove Village community. Our administration, coaching and corporate services are managed from Natalie's home, not far away. 

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to working with you.

Beginners Yoga

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Life Coaching

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