Our Team

Our team is a highly-skilled group of teachers and coaches, with diverse yoga experience, corporate backgrounds and family lives.

We are dedicated to sharing the transformative practices of yoga, meditation and intentional living in a professional, yet heartfelt way. As members of Yoga Australia, the professional association for yoga teachers in Australia, we are committed to upholding ethical standards in our service to the community.

For information about our Founder and Director, Natalie Snooke click here.  

Dani Sands

Dani is a Registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.

Dani completed her teacher training in 2014 and aims to share her personal practise and teaching with a sense of intellect, intuition and fun. She believes everyone can benefit from mindful movement through yoga and its wisdom.

Trained by 'Its Yoga' in Ashtanga Vinyasa, she has experience teaching internationally and is committed to the development of each individual student in a fun, safe and challenging environment. She has completed accredited Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Tara Fitzgibbon.


Cameron Coutts

Cameron Coutts

Cameron is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.

He loves travel and yoga - the learning, the exploration and the sharing of it. He found yoga some 19 years ago after a career playing rugby. Back then it was all about helping to fix the physical body, now it is so much more.

Completing Yoga Teacher Training with Radiantly Alive in Bali in 2005 grounded Cameron in the principals of yogic living - having a strong foundation, eating real alive food and finding your purpose in life. Since then he has studied Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga with many international teachers including Donna Farhi, Simon Borg-Olivier, Govinda Kai and Gurmuk Khalsa.


Cameron has journeyed through India many times and participated in three International Yoga Festivals in Rishikesh. India by far has been the biggest influence in his life, where just being amongst the people and India's mystical nature inspires him to share the joys of yoga. His journey continues on a daily basis with a disciplined and regular self practice. Simple living...leads to higher thinking.

Helen Airey

Helen is a Registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and a qualified Health, Wealth and Transformation Coach.

Helen remembers being a gym-junkie and not being able to 'sit still' without feeling uncomfortable. She'd tried a few yoga classes, but it wasn't until after a relationship breakdown led her to explore meditation, pranic healing and Vinyasa Yoga sincerely.  Helen soon realised that sharing yoga with others was part of her life purpose. She has been teaching since 2010 and completed her Yoga Teacher Training with the Byron Yoga Centre.

The combined traditional, anatomical and philosophical yogic approach of Simon Borg-Olivier at Yoga Synergy remains Helen's greatest inspiration for teaching and she continues to study with Simon. Helen is known for her authentic, non-judgmental and compasionate teaching style. She offers different options to cater for different students, encouraging loving kindness towards the mind and body by tensing less, stretching less, breathing less and thinking less.

Helen is passionate about helping others to thrive in life and experience more joy and confidence, by nurturing their body, mind and soul.


Irena Brnic

Irena is a registered Level 1 Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia and a qualified Life Coach.

Irena’s yoga journey began over 15 years ago in Germany. In her very first yoga class, she discovered that it gave her a sense of peace she had not experienced in other physical activities. There was something different about yoga. With this new appreciation, Irena began to further her yoga practice and felt a shift in her life. Irena believes that through yoga we are accessing a deeper level of ourselves that is more real and true than anything else that is part of our so called ‘identity’.

Irena completed her Yoga Teacher Training with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Scotland in 2009. Since then she has taught yoga in Germany, Bali and Australia. Yoga brought her in contact with Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic mind-body health system and Irena completed her training as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant in 2012 and now works as an Ayurvedic Therapist.

Irena includes her Ayurvedic knowledge in her yoga classes as well as the skills and insights that she practices in her Life Coaching. She completed her Life Coaching training in Perth in 2014. Irena also holds a Masters degree in Sociology.

In her classes, Irena likes to introduce classical yoga postures that open the energy channels and allow an exploration of benefits on a physical and mental level. Breath work is also a part of her classes, connecting us with a deeper experience of ourselves and life. Irena feels deeply honoured to be a messenger and promoter of the treasure that yoga is to human kind.

“In the world of comings and goings, yoga came into my life to stay.” Irena

Kristen Rodic

Kristen_Rodic_Momentum_Coaching_YogaKristen is a Registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and our specialist Pregnancy Yoga teacher at Momentum.

She has been practicing yoga in various forms since 1999. As a fitness instructor she was initially drawn to the physicality of the practice before realising the beauty and benefits of meditation and pranayama.

Soon after commencing a vinyasa practice at Momentum, Kristen undertook her Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Dr Jean Byrne at The Yoga Space in 2013. Kristen was pregnant with her son throughout her training which fostered her keen interest in pre and postnatal yoga. She has undertaken specialised Mindful Birth training under the tutelage of Dr Byrne and Michelle Papa and draws upon her studies and personal experience to support mothers through their own journeys of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Kristen holds a Bachelor of Arts (Education), Bachelor of Education, Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice. Kristen enjoys visiting plant-based cafes with her friends and family, spending time in the outdoors with animals, and drinking a good soy chai latte.


Laura Cargill

Laura is a Registered Level 2 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and our Momentum Studio Coordinator. 

She completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2001 with Gita International, an established yoga school in Melbourne. Gita Yoga (a style of Hatha Yoga) is designed to balance the endocrine glands and corresponding chakras, bringing about natural cleansing from the inside.

Laura has taught classes for the elderly, pre-natal and post-natal women, babies, children, teenagers and a range of beginners through to advanced students. She has experienced how yoga changes the way we see ourself, our health and our mind. She feels 'at home' participating in and teaching yoga. Being lucky to have found her calling in yoga, Laura hopes to continue teaching until she is 80!

"What we give is what we receive - giving the gift of yoga to yourself is transformational on many levels. In this fast-paced 21st century we all need time to reflect, unwind and nurture the self. Being clear-minded, positive and filled with laughter through yoga, we can change lives. Learned behaviours can be altered and new habits formed." ~ Laura

For Laura, the keys to abundant living are health, acceptance, joy, respect and self-responsibility. She welcomes people of all ages, stages and levels of physical ability. Peace, tranquility and love can be experienced by everybody. Being a mother of three vibrant children teaches Laura to be patient, centred and honest - three qualities essential in all other aspects of life. She sees how these qualities are reinforced with yoga practice. 

Natasha Tay

Natasha Tay Momentum Coaching and Yoga

Natasha is a Registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and a qualified Life Coach.

She is passionate yoga teacher, having completed her training at Gita International in 2009 and teaching for five years in Melbourne before recently returning to Perth. Her journey to yoga truly started when she was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in 2001 which she sees as her wake up call. However it took her several years of soul searching, travel, experimenting with other healing modalities and therapies and her move to Melbourne, before she discovered her love for yoga. 

Her temperamental thyroid was what drew her to the Gita practice (a style of Hatha Yoga) because of its particular focus on balancing the endocrine (hormone producing) glands. Though it wasn't the miracle cure she on some level had hoped it would be, it has been pivotal on her journey to experiencing greater health and balance. And it is the deeper layers of understanding that yoga teaches us about Self and Life that resonates the most for her and helps her not only make sense of this world we live in but also cope in these ever changing times. Natasha has also completed extensive Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training studies. 

"Yoga takes me out of my busy wandering mind and back into my body. It reconnects me with the simplicity of life through the breath, the innate wisdom that lies in the body and reminds me of the power of being truly present in the moment. It relaxes, balances, grounds, centres and uplifts me every time. And it's all of this that I am passionate about sharing with others." - Natasha 

Satyen Schmitz


Satyen is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.

He has been teaching yoga since 1994, being certified with Yoga Vidya Germany. He is also a medical doctor and transformational therapist.

Satyen first travelled to India in 1979, participating in some of BKS Iyengar’s yoga classes. He then joined the Osho ashram in Pune where he focused on meditation and personal growth and trained in bioenergetics, breath work, Tibetan healing and Tantra. His love for Yoga inspired a daily asana practice and he continued studying asana, pranayama and philosophy from books and scriptures.

In 1993 he followed his guru Swami Samdarshi to the Himalayas where he lived in a spiritual community for 12 years. The guru asked him to teach what he knew about Yoga to the disciples, so they could sit more comfortably in longer meditations. This is how Satyen first became a yoga teacher! His formal yoga teaching qualifications were completed in Germany in 2004 under Swami Sukadev, a direct disciple of Swami Shivananda and Vishnudevananda.

Satyen's approach to practising and teaching Yoga is 'all inclusive', recognising it as a 'complete life style system'. His method is unique, creative and at the same time, traditional. As well as teaching yoga nad meditation he travels twice a year to Germany to work as a doctor in rehabilitation for heart and orthopaedic patients. Satyen has also led yoga and meditation retreats to Tiruvannamalai, India.



Ava Irani

Ava is a passionate meditation and yoga teacher with a well-defined personal practice - that extends throughout her lifestyle and daily experiences. Her life is centred around bringing balance and motivating others towards making healthy choices about diet, Ayurvedic massage and purification techniques, as well as yoga.

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