Mindful Leadership Coaching

with Natalie Snooke

Natalie Snooke Mindful Leadership Coaching Melville"Nothing is more important than the ability to be wise and compassionate." Jeff Weiner, CEO Linked In

Being a good leader involves many dimensions. Leaders need to be strong, productive and visionary, but also creative, compassionate, authentic and balanced.

If you're ready to become a more integrated leader, with greater presence as well as purpose, then mindfulness is the key. 

We help small business owners, executives and managers lead happier lives by becoming more self-aware and engaged leaders. 

Key benefits.

Our Mindful Leadership Coaching creates the confidential space for you to self-reflect and learn. We partner with you on all levels to: 

  • Focus and improve your ability to relax, concentrate on what matters and work well under pressure.
  • Discover clarity and transform your negative patterns of thinking, acting and feeling.
  • Develop self-awareness to be authentic. Know your Enneagram  profile and leadership style, how you react to stress, your strengths, challenges and potential for deeper growth. 
  • Relate and connect more easily with others and be appreciative of their efforts.
  • Learn and integrate mindfulness practices into every domain of your daily life, work and relationships.
"Natalie's coaching works and being a high performer in my career, her feedback was invaluable. I learned to listen and value my emotions and my thoughts together. Now I make better decisions, am clearer about my goals and what is driving my goals. My intuition has grown to become very effective and I can now calmly be 'me' at work and at home. Self-awareness has released me from being abrupt and harsh on others, so the fun, loving, understanding and patient me can be around more often! Natalie identifies what your real needs are, then helps you get a more peaceful balance in your life, using practical steps." CW, Director & Small Business Owner

About mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about being non-judgmental and self-aware, moment-to-moment in your everyday work and life. It means becoming conscious of what you're feeling, more intentional about your behaviours and more attentive to your impact on others. 

More than stress management and taking deep breaths, mindfulness trains you to be more accepting of yourself and to access your inner peace and wisdom, at will. It's what most leaders yearn for, yet is not a quick-fix and cannot be learned from a book. Mindfulness skills are best learned experientially, through the practices of yoga  and meditation  - and developed over time for lasting benefits. 

Research shows that mindfulness in leaders produces measurable changes such as better attention capacity, more positive emotional states and improved resilience and well-being. It enables you to see reality more clearly and act more purposefully, with less of your ego-driven stuff getting in the way.  

Overcoming the struggle. 

Despite all the widely known benefits of mindfulness, many managers and business-owners still struggle to keep-up with high personal expectations and competing demands on their attention. T oo often leaders are kept awake at night with excessive workloads, constant pressure to do more with fewer resources and strained relationships, at work and at home. 

A commitment to self-awareness and mindfulness practice often results in very tangible and life-changing shifts for leaders: 
  • Hearing things from others that are normally missed, from the process of slowing down and listening more fully.
  • Being able to 'let go' of things and 'shoulds'.
  • Reconnecting with family members, with kids noticing that Mum or Dad is 'happier'.
  • Other people feeling more respected and valued.
  • More creative visions and goals.
  • Being fully present to discover different possibilities when taking action.Natalie Snooke Mindful Leadership Coach
  • Courage to initiate difficult conversations and engage in powerful dialogue.

Most of all, its about you.

First and foremost, leadership is about you. About overcoming whatever holds you back from being happy and fulfilled, in your private life as well as career. 

Your capacity for mindful leadership depends on your presence and how you 'show up'. It speaks volumes about you. 

Never under-estimate the impact that you have on the people who look to you for advice, decisions and direction. A good leader knows what kind of impact their presence has on others around them and can consciously shift gears when they need to. 

When you 'show up' as someone who is decisive, yet in a relaxed and caring way, you get the best out of yourself and your team.  With greater self-awareness, things flow more easily and you naturally develop a steadier, trustworthy presence.

"I really looked forward to my coaching sessions with Natalie each fortnight - they brought me challenges, opportunities and insights. Using the tools to improve my communication and resolve ongoing issues was most helpful. And I realised the tremendous benefits of regular meditation practice! Your coaching has given me the confidence and inspiration to create a happier and more balanced life: as a partner, parent and professional." Tresna M, Training Manager

Step by step.

Your Mindful Leadership Coaching program is customised to meet your individual needs and goals.  Where funded by your organisation or business, there is three-way consultation between the coach, client and their sponsor line manager/business partner in a five-step process. 

Step 1 Needs Analysis - meeting with coach, client and line manager/business partner to establish coaching objectives, individual expectations and performance measures.
Step 2 Coaching Goals - completing a Coaching Agreement (consistent with the International Coaching Federation's Code of Ethics ) with clear goals, roles and responsibilities for each party.
Step 3 Coaching Sessions -  regular confidential coaching sessions every 2-4 weeks with the individual client, with progress action plans, monitoring and feedback.
Step 4 Review - assessment with client, sponsor and/or colleagues against performance measures.
Step 5 Report - reporting of Return on Investment measurement and future goals/recommendations.

Natalie has a depth of self-awareness and leadership understanding, drawing on her experience as a human resource manager, business owner, coach and yoga/meditation teacher for over 23 years. Natalie is professionally recognised and a member of the International Coaching Federation and Yoga Australia. Read more with Natalie's professional bio.

Program details.

Our Mindful Leadership Coaching program comprises eight 90-minute sessions. The program also includes a copy of the book Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership by Janice Marturano and a place in one of our six-week  Beginners Yoga or Beginners Meditation Course s , held regularly throughout the year.

Coaching sessions are usually held in-person every 2-4 weeks at the same day and time. Different days, intervals and Skype/telephone sessions can also be negotiated. In-person sessions are held at Momentum Coaching and Yoga's centre in Melville. Direct access to Natalie via text, email and telephone is provided in-between sessions. 

Natalie works with a maximum of 10 clients at any one time, so you can receive the most of her assistance and support.

For further information, please go to our frequently asked questions or feel free to send us an email.

Coaching fees.

Eight session program - AUD $1980 (includes GST)
Payable in total up-front or in 4 x monthly payments of $495 (includes GST)

A tax invoice, made out to your business or in your name as a professional development expense, is provided. Your up-front or first monthly payment is payable by the date of the first coaching session. Payments can be made on-line via bank account transfer or credit card with Paypal. 

If you're ready to get started, click the below button to register, introduce yourself and start your Mindful Leadership Coaching journey. 



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