Mantra, Pranayama and Meditation Master Classes

with Natalie Snooke

Tuesdays 31 July, 7 August & 14 August 2018

Explore and develop a powerful, joyful yoga practice, with mantra, pranayama and meditation - and experience the deeper peace and transformation available through the 'higher limbs' of Yoga.

This is a series of specialised classes for experienced yogis wanting to deepen their inner connection and take their yogic experience to the next level, beyond yoga asana (postures).

Join us if you're a yoga student or yoga teacher with a curious mind and a minimum of 12 months regular asana practise, in any style or tradition.

The Path & Goal of Yoga

You are already that which you seek. The goal of Yoga is to realise our true nature. To return us to our inherent, radiant, natural state of peace. It is also the path or process that requires us to learn how to diminish the unhelpful tendencies we have that agitate or disturb our minds.

Once we have practised asana steadily for a period of time, we lessen these tendencies and we can (and should) go on to learn how to skillfully channel our subtle energy (prana), to focus our mind and to connect more deeply within. A combination of the more subtle yogic practices of mantra (chanting); pranayama (breath extension) and meditation do just this.

For the modern-day Yogi, as the effects of these subtle practices emerge through us, our self-realisation journey becomes 'real' and our daily life unfolds with greater love, ease and grace.  

"There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there's another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity." ~ Rumi 

You Will Learn...

Progressively over the course of four classes you will learn and experience:

  • How to skillfully combine mantra, pranayama and meditation into a regular yoga practice.
  • Effective preparation kriyas (cleansing) practices for pranayama. 
  • Features of a safe and progressive pranayama practice.
  • The subtle techniques and contra-indications of pranayama including: nadi shodhana, kapalabhati, bhastrika and ujjayi. 
  • Simple Vedic chanting principles of practice.
  • A selection of yoga mantras for healing, connection and transformation.
  • Practices for cultivating concentration and meditative absorption.
These classes will not include any yoga asana! Participants will need to be engaged in their own asana-based yoga classes and/or personal practice. You will be given guidance and support to develop your own mantra, pranayama and/or meditation practice for personal use, along with basic applications for teaching to others.  Notes will be provided.  

Natalie has been a dedicated student and teacher of Yoga for over 12 years. She has a love of Yoga philosophy, subtle practice and the spiritual path in modern times. She completed a Certificate in Pranayama at Kailvalyadhama Yoga Institute, India in 2008 and continues to study and explore all aspects of Yoga and meditation in her daily life.

Booking Details

Places are limited to 20 students per class, with preference given to those who register for the full four classes, over casual attendance.  Bookings are essential. Momentum students with a 10 Class Pass need to register and pay separately for these classes.                    

Day & Dates:  Tuesdays 12 June, 31 July, 7 August & 14 August 2018

Time: 6.00 - 7.15pm

Cost: $85 for all four classes or $25 per casual class

Bookings: To reserve your place in a class or the course, submit the below button.





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