Life Coaching

with Natalie Snooke

Natalie_Snooke_Life_Coach_Momentum_Coaching_and_Yoga_Melville"There is no passion to be found settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." - Nelson Mandela 

If you know there's more to you and to your life, and you're ready for change, then let's do something about it.

I help heart-centred women and men believe in themselves, live their truth and claim their unique path in life.  I specialise in guiding people mindfully through life's transitions - like going from a formal career to having your own creative or wellness-based small business.

      • Identify your unique values and strengths so you let-go of comparing yourself with others, make the most of what you're good at and love to do. 
      • Focus on your opportunities and set empowering goals and intentions that create the future you want.
      • Discover a greater self-awareness so you live with inspiration, whilst grounded in the present.
      • Overcome your self-doubts by learning to transform your negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours and reactions.
      • Gain clarity, courage and confidence to make wise decisions about your career, business or relationships and take the important steps forward.  
      • Create a balanced life with both inner meaning and outer purpose so you can pay the bills as well as relax and spend your time and energy on the things and people that nurture your spirit and matter most to you.

"My coaching experience with Natalie has been truly life-changing. I commenced feeling 'stuck' with a lack of control over my life circumstances. She has provided invaluable guidance and support, while also challenging me to name issues holding me back and identify actions to help me move forward. I am now confident and focused on developing my business and spend more time on the spiritual aspect of my life, helping me to become the best I can be. Thank you Natalie for everything." Heidi B, Social Worker and Hypnotherapist

Believe in yourself. 

I know that becoming more of the person you'd like to be - and having a life that feels right - in this busy, chaotic world of endless choices and opportunities can be harder than ever. To understand yourself well, knowing where to start and then staying focused are big deals for most people.  

"I've now got to a place where I think I'm worthy. Thank you." Gavin L, Builder & Pilot

I meet many wonderful, talented, heart-centred people who are well-intentioned, yet who keep getting caught in the daily grind, latest self-help fad or feel too embarrassed to reach out beyond their yoga class or Google, when it doesn't have to be that way. I offer real-life, supportive coaching that gets you out of your head and into doing, taking things step-by-step.

There are a few common signs that might tell you you're ready for the more honest learning and lasting benefits that coaching can bring. 
  • You often doubt yourself.
  • Your job or business is doing okay, but its not thriving or making you happy.
  • You have family and friends who love you, yet you struggle with loving and taking-care of yourself, and listening to your heart.
  • You'd love to work for yourself, but keep getting side-tracked about making it a reality.
  • You keep busy, get anxious and often wonder 'where did that week go' instead of being present and productive with the things that you know you need to do that could really make a difference.
  • You find it difficult to trust, let go of control and relax.
  • There's a child inside you who's dying to play!
  • You meditate or enjoy your yoga but and would like to deepen your spiritual path.
"Natalie's coaching has changed my life by giving me a sense of clarity and belief in myself and my values. I have more courage and strength to face adversity and I have learned to set boundaries. I feel more balanced in all aspects of my life. What I liked best was that I had someone to reach out to when I needed support and now I have learned how to do this for myself." Tina T, Art Teacher and Therapist

Be brave and take responsibility.

My invitation to you is to not waste the precious life you have. Take responsibility for claiming your uniqueness and your path and follow through. Don't be one of those who end up with regrets, because you've kept things safe or kept someone else happy, whilst secretly praying that 'one day' things will change. And meanwhile that little voice of wisdom and truth inside you goes unheard.

"Your coaching has given me confidence to find my dreams and do something about them. To listen to what I really want, instead of doing what I've always done. It has helped me recognise that I have choices and don't have to just accept what comes my way. I now feel happy with any decisions I make - especially about my relationship. Natalie, thank you! You are understanding, encouraging and warm."  Sue W, Stage Manager

When you take a moment to stop, meaningfully reflect and get in touch with what you honestly desire, you'll discover there's a door that's ready to open and a pathway forwards - you just have to be willing to take the first step. What might yours look like?

"Your sessions have been extremely life-giving in that they helped me to better self-understanding and self-acceptance so that I just felt more comfortable in my own skin and therefore more alive to my world of family, friends and nature. The subtle shifts in thinking and perceiving have led me to renewed enthusiasm for the multi-faceted adventure we call life. Thank you Natalie." Teresa

About my journey.

I'm passionate about self-awareness, personal growth and genuinely helping others to live with inspiration, however that looks. My own life has been fertile ground for trials, tribulations, self-discovery and transformation. And I am keen to pass on what has worked for me - to help you make the most of your potential. 

After graduating from university in 1994, I began my career as a human resource manager where I ran training programs, developed wellness policies and negotiated employee contracts with everyone from cleaners to CEOs. I loved the diverse people interactions and thrived on making a positive difference in the workplace.

Natalie Snooke Life Coaching
My career was flourishing but...inside I had a  yearning to help people in a more personal way. At the same time, I could see how others around me, especially professionals, were struggling to bring out the best in themselves. And I suspected I had some skills to offer.  I also had a deepening interest in spirituality, began to practice yoga and started to ask some pretty big questions about life and the universe. Funny, I was 32 at the time and wondering: was I too old for a major life upheaval?!

Letting go.

After 12 years in HR, in 2007 I resigned from my corporate role. That same year I completed studies in life coaching and yoga teaching, then spent a while living in Thailand and India, immersing myself in yoga. That was a pretty amazing, yet challenging year! 

And when I returned home, I decided to bring everything together and create Momentum Coaching and Yoga. Taking that initial leap-of-faith from my secure career was scary, but it was what my heart was calling me to do and I knew I couldn't ignore it. I had experienced the self-awareness and insights that come from daily yoga and meditation, like the magic ingredients that harness courage and lasting change. 

My first coaching clients and yoga students found me before I had finished my training and I took that to be positive signs that I was on the right track. But I am the first to acknowledge that my coach has played a key support-role helping me to accomplish what I have, in ways that connect me with my truth. And I've continued to be mentored by several brilliant coaches over the years. 

"Coaching for me has been inspirational. It has given me amazing insight into myself and my personality. Why I make the choices I do and ways of being able to make better choices. My relationship with my children is better, my relationship with my husband is better and the relationship with myself is better. I am constantly improving and allowing myself to grow and prosper. I feel, even when I take backwards steps into old habits, I am quicker to get back on track and I don't beat myself up. Thanks again Nat, you are truly inspiring! And I am loving yoga." Donna C, Small Business Owner

Realising a dream.

Today, Momentum Coaching and Yoga has grown into a successful small business and has directly influenced thousands of people. That makes my heart sing!

Now more than 10 years into this work and I continue to love what I do and how things are evolving. Yes, I work for the love, as well as the money, and I guess that you'd like that too. Sure, I still have challenges and need to manage my habits and my priorities to create and recreate balance - financial as well as spiritual - but I make conscious choices that are aligned with my calling to serve others, and with my values and purpose.

Whatever happens in life, my priority and intention remains steady - daily self-care and spiritual practice. I love starting each and every day with an 'attitude of gratitude', yoga and meditation.  

From the 800+ hours of one-on-one coaching and thousands more hours teaching yoga and meditation I have accumulated, I well understand human nature and the tendencies of the conditioned mind, where unhelpful self-beliefs and negative thinking patterns sabotage progress. And I totally understand the frailty of the heart and how emotional reactions can undermine our genuine attempts at love and happiness!

"Coaching was an invaluable investment in my life. Although it was hard work at times, the challenging sessions were ultimately fruitful. Coaching focused me on moving forward and not looking back. It was more profound that I could have imagined and it awakened me deeply. Natalie, you have a focus and a depth of wisdom that traveled with me. Your strength guided me and your perception engaged and taught me." Fiona C, Corporate Manager

Natalie Snooke Life CoachFrom my experience, I've discovered that being happy and having a fulfilling life can be summed up in six aspects: Mindfulness (or self-awareness). Self-belief. Focus. Courage. Taking responsibility. And letting go.
Although I don't promise any one-size-fits-all approach or overnight miracles, I've found that when each of these aspects is being exercised in a healthy and responsible way, life flows and things happen with ease in the fullness of time. I will help you find and fine-tune the approach that works best for you. 

What you can expect.

Your story, and what you need on your coaching journey, is unique. Depending on your circumstances, together we can:
              • Clarify your personal values: Knowing your values allows you to understand and appreciate yourself, set healthy boundaries and improve your self-confidence and self-belief. 
              • Assess your current work-life balance: Knowing where you're under-spending and over-spending your time and energy reveals where your life is out of balance and is the foundation for setting meaningful goals and intentions that'll get you unstuck.
              • Uncover your deeper growth potential: Using the powerful profiling of the Enneagram we'll deeply explore your strengths, leadership style and true potential, beyond the quirks and limitations of your personality.
  • Establish clear goals and intentions: Goals and intentions are essential! And they don't have to be formulaic or boring. Yours will give you focus and reflect your individual creativity and inspiration, as much as your need for success and purpose.
  • Create a life vision: We uncover whatever you'd love from your life and your business and incorporate it into your vision. This forms the basis for making decisions aligned with your bigger picture.
  • Loving relationships: Love, building trust, connection and intimacy is a life-long process for everyone. We explore the importance of self-awareness, compassion and being vulnerable in relation to where you are at. 
  • Be better at managing emotions: Emotional intelligence is an essential skill for anyone who's really serious about growth and reaching their potential. Using simple tools and take-home practices, you'll be gently guided to enhance your communication skills in how you deal with everyday challenges and emotions. And we will strengthen your ability to access a balance of your head, heart and gut when making decisions.
  • Self-care and wellbeing: Your self-care has critical importance - and many people these days under-value and under-prioritise it! We review how you look after yourself - mind, body and spirit - and put into place practical habits and self-time that fit with your lifestyle choices.
  • Money matters: Making changes in life often brings up fears about money. We'll work through ideas to encourage your healthy, conscious habits around earning, saving and spending.
  • Actions and acountability: Having me as your coach to be accountable to, really helps you to stay more accountable to yourself. After each session, you'll take away a set of agreed actions to work on, that I support you with and we review at the next session. This is how coaching 'works'.
The coaching partnership that gets created between us becomes a valuable source of nourishment and information, as I openly share my experiences, ideas, contacts and expertise with you. Your part is to take responsibility and ownership. You need to be ready to work on yourself/your business/your career and to be fully-committed to our coaching relationship, your growth and carrying-out your actions.

I will be your coach, sounding board, supporter and confidante. I will help you to see the bigger picture, overcome your self-doubts, remain focused and stick to your commitments. You'll experience the boost that comes from being unconditionally-supported and making changes that feel right to you.

"Natalie's quiet wisdom and insightful questions allowed me to embrace new perspectives and safely explore my feelings. She has enabled me to see a future that I couldn't see before, a future of possibilities and opportunities. I strongly encourage anyone to try her life coaching if you feel unhappy with areas of your life - otherwise you'll never know where your life could take you or what you are capable of." Wendy F, Nurse

This is your time.
I work with people just like you, both men and women. Most of my clients are owners of small, creative businesses or managers or professionals who want to make the most of their unique strengths and who value the idea of living a balanced and more deeply fulfilling life. Many of my clients are also yoga or meditation practitioners, or are interested in learning.

If you want to feel confident about being yourself and creating your unique life path, then we'd love to hear from you.  But if you're still unsure or have any questions, check out the frequently asked questions or find out about more me here: Natalie Snooke .

"My health, both physical and spiritual, has moved to an entirely new level and I am so grateful for all your wonderful support and guidance. You have really ignited an inner spiritual flame which has been dormant for many, many years." Debbie W

How We Work Together

We begin with a single coaching session. This gives you a good taste of how my coaching works and allows us to make sure we are the right fit to be working together, however you are welcome to book the three or six session coaching program straight away.

Your initial session is 90-minutes, with any remaining sessions 60 minutes each. Some clients decide they'choose to start with 3 sessions and then rebook to continue and consolidate, whilst others are ready to make a full commitment for 6 sessions up-front. 

Sessions are held either in-person or via Skype or telephone, on a fortnightly basis at the same day and time. Different session days, times and intervals can however be negotiated to best meet your needs. If your coaching is in-person, you'll be meeting with Natalie privately at home-office in Bicton, Perth. Your coaching program also includes direct text, email and telephone contact with Natalie in-between sessions. 

All clients are required to complete a standard written Coaching Agreement that outlines the mutual roles and responsibilities of both coach and client, as required by the International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics . You will be given the opportunity to ask any questions about the Coaching Agreement prior to signing and your coaching commencing.

I choose to work with just 12 clients at any one time, so you receive the most of my assistance and support.

Coaching Programs & Fees

 Option  Duration  Fee (includes GST)
 Single coaching session  90 minutes  AUD $185
 Three session coaching program  3 x 60 minute
 AUD $525
 Six session coaching program  6 x 60 minute
 AUD $990

Your up-front or first monthly payment is due by the date of your first coaching session. Payments can be made on-line via bank account transfer or credit card with Paypal at this link. Cash, credit card or EFTPOS payments can also be made on the day.

If you think I can help you, click on the below button to introduce yourself and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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