Rediscover Yourself & Your Enneagram Type Workshop

with Natalie Snooke

Saturday 16 February 2019

The Enneagram is a proven, powerful system for learning about ourselves, understanding others and strengthening our relationships. This practical workshop gives you the chance to dive-into the Enneagram for personal, professional or spiritual growth.

Discover your Enneagram personality type and understand the Enneagram system to bring greater self-awareness and ease to your everyday habits, actions and relationships. 

"Your own self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world." ~ Ramana Maharshi

Knowing yourself is essential if you want to overcome stress, make positive changes, thrive in relationships and live to your full potential. Unbiased self-knowlege is also the key to spiritual growth and understanding.

Once you discover your Enneagram type and know your way around the blue-print of the Enneagram system, a huge amount of information becomes available to you.

Knowing your Enneagram type works by taking the guesswork out of self-growth by giving you an unbiased pathway of 'what to do and not to do' to reach your full mental, emotional, physical and spiritual potential. 

When you begin to understand why you do things the way that you do and how your world-view differs from others, it brings a way out of your frustrating, self-sabotaging patterns to experience greater ease and happiness.  

"Your workshop was enlightening, empowering and encouraging. I enjoyed learning that each type has strengths and limitations which can be used for personal growth to increase freedom. I especially liked how the Enneagram integrates mind, body and heart aspects of the journey of life." ~ Teresa

Discovering yourself in an Enneagram workshop context, where you also hear narratives from others who are the same and different types, is highly beneficial and provides richer integration than doing an on-line Enneagram test.

"Your Rediscover Yourself & Your Enneagram Type Workshop was spot-on for me - relaxed, informative, positive and insightful. I loved knowing about the head, heart and gut types in an intimate group. And the guided meditations were a special touch." ~ Pia

The Benefits

In this workshop you will:

  • explore the nine Enneagram personality types
  • identify your 'type' and modes of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • claim your unique strengths and potential
  • address your key struggles and blind spots
  • understand how you get stuck and how to move forwards
  • learn proven practices to manage stress and conflict at work and at home.
The workshop has an emphasis on self-discovery with both theory and practical components. Participants will engage in empowering self-reflection exercises, pair work, group discussions and guided meditations.

"Being able to get a clearer picture of how I function, what I value and where I may change was very insightful and meaningful. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses allows me to develop other ways of being. I expected it to be an intellectual discussion of personality types and it was much more due to the great skills of the presenter. Thank you Natalie." ~ Margaret

Each person will receive a comprehensive written summry of their type and notes from activities. To get the most out of the workshop, please come with a curious mind, be willing to participate and give yourself fully to the process of self-discovery. 

You will emerge from this workshop experience with a sound understanding of the Enneagram, the importance of self-awareness and a greater appreciation of yourself and others. 

Both men and women are welcome, for personal or professional growth - no prior Enneagram knowledge is required!

"Your Rediscover Yourself and Your Enneagram Type Workshop was a terrific introduction to the topic and to understanding my growth and the limitations I put on myself. It helped me to gain a deeper understanding of 'who' I am. Natalie is a wonderful facilitator - knowledgeable, kept to topic, empathetic and warm. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone." ~ Diedre

Booking Details

Places on this workshop are limited to 16 people - and the workshop is only run twice per year - so we encourage you to book early to secure your place.

Once you complete your booking and payment, you will receive an email receipt to confirm your place. Then the day before the workshop, we will send you a reminder email with all of the details and what you need to bring.

If you have any questions about the workshop, feel welcome to contact us on email: or call 9330 1988 (during office hours).

Date:    Saturday 16 February 2019

Time:   1.00 - 4.00pm (includes a healthy afternoon tea)

Cost:    $90 single 
            $160 double booking, with a friend, workmate or partner

We look forward to welcoming you for deeper self-discovery with the Enneagram!


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