Intentional Living Group Coaching Program

with Natalie Snooke, Natasha Tay & Irena Brnic

31 August - 30 November 2018

Are you ready for an empowering journey to understand yourself, create lasting change and embrace more of the life you want?

Deep down, each of us is a wise and amazing human being - and we have a good idea of what we want and what is best for us.

Often though, our wisdom gets lost in our self-doubts, the busy-ness of life or the demands that work or others place on us. It's easy to 'lose ourselves' and to give up on our desires and dreams.

If you were looking back on your life, what would matter most?

Find clarity. Be calm and confident. Come alive.

With the guidance of three qualified and experienced Life Coach-Yoga Teachers over three months, our Intentional Living Group Coaching Program gives you the kick-start to find your way again. To gently, yet purposefully, rediscover what real happiness means to you and to overcome whatever holds you back from claiming and living according to your values, vision and truth. And to be the best person you can be!

We will help you with the mindset, skills, approaches and inspiration to deepen your self-awareness; increase your capacity for change and to accomplish the goals and vision you set out for yourself. You have the chance to:

  • Be inspired to follow your heart;
  • Gain confidence to step into your ideal role, career or business;
  • Overcome fears and procrastination;
  • Transform your health and well-being: and/or
  • Embrace your spirituality, creativity and best-self.

Intentional Living is living with purpose. It's about waking-up and making conscious choices everyday about our attitude, how we act, what we do and where we place our energy and attention so that it brings out the best in who we are. It means that our actions have a kind and empowering impact, both for ourselves, others and the world.

Coaching is about partnering with people just like you to make meaningful change in their lives. It's about engaging in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise your inner and outer potential. Our Momentum approach to coaching works because of the emphasis on cultivating mindfulness and deep self-awareness, as well as setting goals, taking action and staying accountable.

Group Coaching allows you to be part of a real-life, mindful, heart-centred group. When you set goals and make decisions with coaches and peers who believe in you, you're more likely to follow through. Being part of a supportive group not only increases your accountability, it challenges your thinking and your likelihood of success. And we have a lot of fun building new relationships along the way! 

"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the in being able to remake ourselves."
                                                                                    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

An investment in yourself

Our Intentional Living Group Coaching Program is an investment in yourself. Irena Brnic & Natalie Snooke 

Drawing on our collective 25 years of one-on-one Life Coaching and mindfulness experience, the Program has been specfically designed to include a balance of both activitiy (doing) and reflection (being). There are different learning and support components so that you receive maximum value and return for the time and energy you commit, including:

  • Eight x 120 minute, in-person, Friday night group coaching sessions, held at our Momentum studio in Alfred Cove;
  • A comprehensive workbook with coaching notes, reflection exercises and activities on each topic;
  • Two x 60 minute individual coaching sessions with your allocated coach;
  • Three FREE class passes to Momentum yoga or meditation classes of your choice;
  • Extra email and phone contact with your coach in between sessions; and
  • Access to our private Group Coaching Facebook Group only for members of the Program.
Our team is fully committed to supporting you to realise your vision for yourself and your life - because we also walk that path. We believe that we can only give our best to others, when we are in touch with the best in ourselves.

Program Schedule 

Dates  Format  Coaches Topics 
Fri 31 August
Group Coaching
Session 1
Natalie, Natasha & Irena  Establish our foundation and personal assessments.
Fri 14 Sept 
Group Coaching
Session 2 
Natalie & Natasha Explore your vision, values, goals and intentions. 
Mon 17 - Fri 21 Sept Individual Coaching Sessions   Natalie, Natasha & Irena Clarify and strengthen your personal vision, goals, decisions and actions. 
Fri 28 Sept 
Group Coaching
Session 3 
Natalie & Irena Healthy habits - making positive, mindful choices about what you think, feel, eat, do and say.
Fri 12 Oct 
Group Coaching
Session 4 
Natalie & Natasha Overcoming fears and obstacles. 
Fri 26 Oct
Group Coaching
Session 5 
Natalie & Irena Deeper self-discovery with the Enneagram.  
Mon 29 Oct - Fri 2 Nov Individual Coaching Sessions  Natalie, Natasha & Irena Clarify and strengthen your personal vision, goals, decisions and actions.  
Fri 9 Nov
Group Coaching
Session 6 
Natalie & Natasha Spirituality, creativity and finding flow. 
Fri 23 Nov
Group Coaching
Session 7
Natalie & Irena Trusting life and choosing love.
Fri 30 Nov
Group Coaching
Session 8
Natalie, Natasha & Irena Celebrate your growth, your success and maintain your momentum.

"We have to stand up and take a deep breath, look into our own hearts and ask ourselves: what do we really think is important and what do we really want to do in this lifetime - and then do it." ~ Tenzin Palmo

Participants need to be committed and available for the duration of the program from 31 August until 30 November 2018. However, we understand that sometimes there are limitations in attendance due to unavoidable, pre-booked events. 

To receive a certificate of completion, we accept/expect a minumum 80% attendance rate for each participatnt at the group sessions. Naturally, we'd love everyone attend the full program, to experience the optimal self-growth and transformational benefits.

Natasha TayThis program is for you if...

*  You are committed to your happiness and well-being;  

*  You have tried Life Coaching, or been thinking about it, but it wasn't the right timing, coach or approach, or you weren't brave enough to say 'yes';

*  You are ready to be challenged, to 'dive deep' and to do things differently;

*  You get overwhelmed, fearful or struggle to stay on-track; and yet

*  You are willing, self-motivated and ready to make changes, with the right support.

If you find yourself saying 'yes' then we would love to work with you.

"Only as far as I reach, can I grow. Only as far as I seek can I go. Only as deep as I look can I see. Only as much as I dream can I be."
~ Karen Raun

Ready to take the next step?

Places on our Intentional Living Group Coaching Program are limited to 12 men and/or women and are made via an application process - because we want to work with people who are ready to focus and engage!

If it resonates with you and you would like to participate, please complete the Application Form with your personal details and answers to a few short questions about your circumstances and why you're interested, along with your $100 deposit.

Your application will be considered, and if successful, you'll then complete the remainder of the registration and get started on your pre-coaching self-assessments. Payment of the balance of the program fees is due by the specified due date. If your application is unsuccessful (that is, if we feel there isn't a readiness or 'fit' for our coaching approach and program) then your $100 deposit will be fully refunded.  

In accordance with the standards of the International Coach Federation in effectively establishing a professional coaching relationship, each participant will be required to complete and sign a Coaching Agreement that formalises the roles and responsibilities of the participant (client) and the coaches. A copy of this will be provided as part of the application process. 

Cost:  $890 early bird special closes Monday 20 August
          $990 regular price

          $100 deposit (to be paid upon application) 

If payment of the full amount by the due date presents financial difficulty for you, please let us know and we are willing to enter into an alternative payment arrangement, in cases of genuine need.

Information:  For questions and further information, please contact Natalie Snooke on 9330 1988 or

Closing Date: Unless all places are filled prior, the closing date for applications is Friday 24 August 2018.

If your application is accepted, the program balance is due for payment by Monday 27 August.

To commence your application, please submit the below button. 

We look forward to starting this transformational journey with you!

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



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