Hormone Yoga Course

with Irena Brnic

Course starts: Thursday 17 October 2019

Ease stress and restore your body's natural vitality and hormonal balance for conception, menstruation or menopause in our specialised four-week course.

Suitable for women of all ages, you'll learn a specific series of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation practices designed to both stimulate the endocrine (hormonal) system and relax the nervous system. It's an effective, natural way to work with hormonal imbalances!

Experience a greater sense of energy, joy, wellbeing and fulfilment in being a woman. 

Women trying to conceive, as well as those experiencing challenging symptoms associated with menstruation, peri-menopause or menopause, will especially benefit from the course. We also welcome Yoga Teachers who have a special interest in working with women's hormonal issues.          

"Your Hormone Yoga Course was wonderful. I felt empowered about how to approach every stage of my life, particularly peri-menopause and menopause, rather than feeling like I needed to rely on medical intervention. The postures sequence is unlike any other I have done and Irena has great knowledge." Frances

Hormone Yoga practices can be learned by any woman, with or without previous yoga experience.

What is Hormone Yoga?

Hormone Yoga is a certified form of Yoga Therapy, designed and created by experienced yoga teacher Dinah Rodrigues in Brazil. It has been taught throughout the world since 1992. Irena (pictured above) is a certified teacher of Hormone Yoga.

The approach involves practising a simple set of dynamic yoga asanas (postures) coupled with strong pranayma (breathing practice) to stimulate the natural hormone production in a woman's body. The practices effectively target, massage and reactivate the glands of the endocrine system:  the hypothalamus, thyroid, adrenals and ovaries.

"Your course is beneficial for women wanting to feel self-empowered in taking care of their hormones and health, in a sustainable way. It was lovely to share our experiences of being women. All the techniques, the breath work and nourishment for the ovaries and the thyroid was so helpful." Nicole

Hormone Balance & Stress

It is scientifically proven that stress is very harmful for women, decreasing the natural production of oestrogen and progesterone - the two most important hormones that regulate our cycles.

Hormone Yoga also addresses the impacts of stress on a woman's body. It includes deep relaxation practices such as Yoga Nidra, a deep, conscious relaxation process, that has an incredibly restorative, psycho-somatic effect.

"Irena is a lovely, very knowledgeable teacher with a calm nature and voice. I like that the course was nourishing and gentle, with lovely guided relaxation and light, yet still offered specific poses to focus on the overaries, thyroid and hypothalamus." AG

The Benefits

When practised on a regular basis, the results of Hormone Yoga are very encouraging - hormone levels are increased; PMT and menopause symptoms are decreased; regular menstruation is restored and fertility is enhanced.

"The combination of the physical and mental in your Hormone Yoga Course was very different and beautifully therapeutic." Adrianne

Hormone Yoga works on several levels of the body-mind-emotions to:
  • Alleviate the effects of stress;
  • Prevent depression, insomnia, adrenal fatigue and other hormonal imbalance symptoms;
  • Reactivate healthy hormone production;
  • Improve posture and strengthen muscles;
  • Increase the flexibility and lightness of body movements; 
  • Improve the calcium density in bones and;  
  • Harmonise and support the natural functions of the woman's body as a whole.   

How do hormones affect women?

Fluctuating hormones determine how women feel throughout most of their lives.

During the years of menstruation, the cyclic changes in our hormone levels, can create a range of symptoms such as iritability, depression, fatigue, food cravings and sleep issues.

When tyring to conceive, low levels of hormones coupled with a busy and stressful lifestlye, creates fertility issues. It is important that hormone levels are balanced and optimal, and stress managed well, for a woman to successfully conceive, have a full-term pregnancy and healthy baby.

During peri-menopause and menopause most women experience significant physical and psychological changes. Strong variations and imbalances of hormone levels occur, especially oestrogen. Low oestrogen often negatively impacts a woman's health and wellbeing with symptoms such as hot flushes, tiredness, anxiety, depression, hair loss, dry skin and decreased libido. 

"I loved your Hormone Yoga Course and yoga space. It was amazing to focus on the breath and move the energy to the ovaries and the thyroid. It was such a 'release' from the usual body changes I experience." LF

What is the difference between regular Yoga and Hormone Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a general style of yoga. It is a holistic system of practice that helps to maintain our overall physical and mental health, with yoga postures and breathing techniques to promote self-awareness and relaxation.

Hormone Yoga is therapeutic. It consists of a specific series of yoga postures, exercises and breathing techniques (pranayama) to reactivate hormone production. The practices also decrease the symptoms and likelihood of disease associated with low hormones, such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. 

Women with any medical condition related to high oestrogen should first consult their doctor before registering for the course.

If you experience symptoms due to hormonal imbalance, then regular yoga will be helpful, however Hormone Yoga is likely to offer you greater benefits.

Course Booking Details

Places in the course are limited to 12 students. We are only offering two courses in 2019 so if you are interested, we encourage you to book your place early!

Once you make your booking payment, you will receive an emailed receipt from us that confirms your registration. Then the day before the course starts, you will receive a reminder email from us with all of the details.

2019 Course Dates:      Thursdays 16 May - 6 June (4 weeks)
                                     Thursdays 17 October - 7 November (4 weeks)

Time:      7.30 - 9.00pm 

Cost:      $120

We look forward to welcoming you on the course!


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