Going Deeper - Beyond Personality to Essence Enneagram Workshop

with Natalie Snooke

2018 dates TBA

This workshop is for experienced Enneagram practitioners who have been working with their type and want to move beyond the personality to explore the deeper, transformational capacity of the Enneagram. 

Do you yearn for greater freedom, love or peace?

These universal yearnings are the spiritual call to wholeness - to truly know ourselves beyond personality is to discover the depths of our essence as a spiritual being.

Through knowing the Enneagram there's a relief to realise that many of the ways we think, feel and behave aren't really the all of who we are, and are not a reflection of all who we can be.

"Stop imagining, experience the real. Stop unnecessary thinking, rather taste and see. Express rather than manipulate, explain, justify or judge."
- Claudio Naranjo, Enneagram Master

The Benefits

In this workshop you will:

  • learn how to use the Enneagram (and your type) as a vehicle for transformation and awakening
  • practice how to transform moments of everyday frustration, guilt, fear, hurt, pride and solitude into opportunities for genuine insight and spiritual growth
  • discover true peace, happiness and love by going inwards towards yourself, into the very depths of your being
  • strengthen your ability to maintain presence in yourself and for others
  • assess your Enneagram sub-type: self-preservation, social and one-to-one
  • take-home practices that harness your essential strength and the power at the core of your type.
The workshop has an emphasis on deepening self-awareness through experiential and somatic components.
 Participants will be engaged in self-reflection and somatic exercises, pair work, group discussions, guided meditations and time in silence.
Each person will receive a set of written notes from activities. To get the most out of the workshop, participants must be prepared to 'go deep' into themselves, be prepared to feel uncomfortable (as well as blissful!) and to give yourself as fully as possible to the process of transformation. 

The prerequisite for this workshop is having participated in Momentum's Enneagram typing and/or workshops, or with another recognised Enneagram facilitator or school as considered suitable by Natalie Snooke, workshop facilitator. Participants should verify that they meet the workshop prerequisite prior to making their booking.

Booking Details

Date:   Sunday 23 July 2017 

Time:    10.30am - 4.00pm

Cost:    $150 (includes a healthy vegetarian lunch, snacks and tea/coffee/herbals) 

Bookings:  Places are limited to 16 people. Your booking is confirmed upon receipt of payment. Click below to register and pay.

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