Nine Personality Types

The Enneagram comprises nine distinct personality or character types.

Each person, regardless of gender or culture, has just one type. Knowing your type helps you to understand yourself more clearly and consciously. It will enhance your self-awareness by shedding light on blind-spots and where you tend to 'get stuck', as well as highlight your best options for self-growth. 

The benefits from knowing your Enneagram type include:  The_Enneagram_Momentum_Coaching_and_Yoga_Perth

  • Gaining fuller access to your strengths and creativity
  • Easing your stress responses
  • Knowing the core issues and motivation behind what you do
  • Learning tools for self-regulation and mental/emotional resilience
  • Feeling more confident and relaxed about who you are
  • Practices to build rapport and resolve personal and work relationship issues
  • Learning how to operate at higher levels of work effectiveness
  • Deeper contentment through experiencing your inner essence.

The Nine Types

Determining your Enneagram type is a process of self-discovery. Consider each of the nine different Enneagram types below and see which type(s) resonate(s) with you. Note that many people are able to relate to more than one type, so it's normal that further exploration is needed before knowing accurately and gaining the full value from the system. The system and psychology of the Enneagram is universal and applies equally to people in all countries and across all religions, geography and culture. 

Type One - also called the Reformer or Perfectionist - is committed to doing things right and holds high standards of integrity in themselves and others, however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be judgmental, inflexible and resentful. Is this you?

Type Two - also called the Helper or Giver - is dedicated to giving to others and are energetic and upbeat, however these qualities can become distorted causing them to neglect their own needs and be demanding, needy and prideful. Is this you?

Type Three - also called the Achiever or Performer - is focused on doing and the practical, successful achievement of goals, however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be impatient, insensitive and over-active. Is this you?

The_Enneagram_Momentum_Coaching_and_Yoga_PerthType Four - also called the Individualist or the Romantic - is sensitive, creative and appreciative of the unique and extraordinary, however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be idealistic, disappointed and melancholy. Is this you?

Type Five - also called the Investigator or Observer - is inquisitive, dependable and likes to acquire depths of knowledge, however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be detached, miserly and disconnected. Is this you?

Type Six - also called the Loyalist or Devil's Advocate - is vigilant, analytical and good at trouble-shooting, however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be overly doubtful, fearful and struggle with paranoia or indecision. Is this you?

Type Seven - also called the Enthusiast or Epicure - is energetic, adventurous, pleasure-seeking and prefers to keep life flowing, however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be scattered, uncommitted and self-serving. Is this you?

Type Eight - also known as the Challenger or the Protector - is strong, powerful, friendly and has a keen sense for weakness and injustice, but however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be controlling, confrontational and fear being vulnerable. Is this you?

Type Nine - also known as the Peacemaker or Mediator - is comfortable, steady, easy-going and naturally seeks to create harmony, but however these qualities can become distorted causing them to be out of touch with their own anger and conflict-avoidant. Is this you?

How to Work with Us to Discover Your Type

How did you go? After reading through the Enneagram Types it is normal that you might relate to more than one type and need to delve a bit deeper. Books and on-line resources can be helpful, but because of our blind-spots the most effective way of discovering your Enneagram type is through a one-on-one session with an experienced teacher, where a series of focused questions and testing methods can be used. 

As a starter, we also recommend The Essential Enneagram book by Dr David Daniels available for sale in Momentum's studio shop.

Natalie Snooke is a Certifed Advanced Coach with the Enneagram in Business who works with individual clients, couples and teams. Natalie has been using the Enneagram successfully herself and with professional clients since 2009. She facilitates learning that is enjoyable, practical and inspirational.

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