Don't Worry, Be Present! Workshop

The Benefits of Mindfulness and Breath-Awareness for Your Nervous System
with Satyen

Saturday 26 August 2017

Don't-worry-be-present-benefits-of-mindfulness-breath-awareness-on-your-nervous-systemDiscover the secrets of mindfulness and breath-awareness techniques to overcome anxiety and create calm and ease in your daily life, in this special two-hour workshop. 

Join Satyen for an in-depth look at mindfulness, the nervous system and cutting-edge neuroscience to learn the best ways to regulate yourself during times of anxiety, agitation, depression or disconnection.  
Our nervous system holds the key to the body-mind's incredible potential to heal itself. When our nervous system is well-regulated, our immune system is stable, our digestive system works effectively and we can relate to others with joy and ease.  

A measure of well-being is how well we can respond to the circumstances and the novelty of each moment! 

The Benefits

This workshop is recommended if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of how to apply simple yogic techniques and feel more confident in how you approach the challenges of everyday life. 

You'll learn:

  • How to apply practical mindfulness, body and breath-awareness.
  • Feel grounded, centred and comfortable with you own body.
  • Understand how your nervous system activates and deactivates.
  • Experience calm, security and safety from feeling more in control.
  • Practice simple, mindful movements, pranayama (breathing) and meditation techniques.

Further Details & Bookings

This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced Yoga students - both men and women. 
Satyen (pictured right) is a German-trained medical doctor and senior yoga and meditation teacher with specialist training in body-oriented psychotherapies and trauma.

Following the workshop, you can continue to practice with Satyen each week at his Thursday 5.30pm Hatha Yoga class.

Date:   Saturday 26 August 2017
Time:   2.00 - 4.00 pm
Cost:  $60
Bookings:  Limited places, 20 students. A pre-paid booking will secure your place.
To book your place, click the 'Book for this Event Online' button below.



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