Deep Relaxation Course
with Irena Brnic

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In these busy times, being able to fully relax is essential for our well-being and success. Join our special four-week course to experience the profound and healing benefits of deep relaxation for your body, mind and spirit. 

Learn the practice of Yoga Nidra to deeply restore balance to your whole body, senses and mind to relieve stress, ease anxiety, overcome insomnia and leave you feeling calm and centred. There's no previous yoga experience required - we start from scratch.

Deep relaxation is the direct opposite of stress. It is an experience far beyond just sitting down with a coffee, having a beer, watching television or lazing at the beach. These involve sensory diversions. 

For absolute relaxation to take place, there must be a genuine slowing-down of the nervous system and a 'turning inwards' away from outer distractions and experiences.  

When we know how to remain relaxed, inwardly quiet and self-aware in our day-to-day life, we experience great mental and emotional benefits - we become more patient, less-stressed, are more effective at work and develop a greater tolerance for others.   

"Nothing has quietened my mind like your Deep Relaxation Course. It soothed my anxiety in a way that lasted through the week. I loved it - thank you!" Tess

"Your Deep Relaxation Course exceeded my expectations. It was excellent and very worthwhile. Being taught how to properly relax and learn about the feelings associated with relaxation has helped me to better manage the ups and downs of life." Amy MacLallan

The Benefits

Our course offers a range of benefits for everyone:
  • Know first-hand how it feels to fully and deeply relax;
  • Learn how stress effects your nervous system and why there is no replacement for true relaxation;
  • Explore the power of the mind-body connection;
  • Do gentle pre-relaxation yoga postures and movements to loosen the hips, shoulders and spine;
  • Practice Yoga Nidra - deep and systematic body/mind relaxation techniques;
  • Use supportive lying postures and props for added support and comfort;
  • Discover better methods for your health and rejuvenation in daily living;
  • Feel a state of wholeness, tranquillity and greater well-being. 

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is like the ultimate in relaxation. It means 'yogic sleep' but it isn't the same as sleeping. It is that state of consciousness we normally experience between waking and sleeping that, when extended and deepened, has profound effects for our well-being and wisdom. 

Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice and series of powerful relaxation techniques. Our experienced yoga teacher Irena (pictured right) guides you through different techniques such as body scanning, visualisations, intention-setting and breath awareness. You learn to sense the different energies of the body, mind and any emotions, just as they are, witnessing and welcoming, feeling and letting-go. 

Over time, as you learn to gain control over your relaxation response, it enables you to shift through deeply-entrenched negative patterns of thinking and conditioning to be more at ease and naturally 'yourself - enabling you to manage stress by tapping into your innate wisdom and knowing the answers to the questions and challenges you face in daily life.

"Deep relaxation is a process we engage in to heal from misperception, anxiety and fear into equanimity, stability and love."  Richard Miller, psychologist, author and yoga teacher

What Our Past Participants Say

"The opportunity to completely relax and let-go for one hour each week - this doesn't happen often. I learned that I can do it and can continue practising Yoga Nidra for myself. I liked Alison's style in presenting interesting facts about the practice - so it wasn't too 'out there' and had real'-life, practical applications." Tara
"Learning how to switch-off and relax was wonderful. It was more informative and instructional than I was expecting, which was great." Jane
"Practising being still and allowing external stimuli to diminish was great. I learned how to relax and to give myself permission to deeply relax." Anthony

"Your Deep Relaxation Course was amazing and I looked forward to it every week. I loved how Alison explained what we were going to do as we went along. It was a great way for me to learn how to relax and function better in my life as a result." Jacinta Vandenhurk

"I would absolutely recommend your Deep Relaxation Course to anyone who was struggling to relax and take a moment. I benefitted by learning to calm the mind and listen more closely to my body. I also appreciated the science behind Yoga Nidra." Brooke
"Getting your guidance for tuning-in and acceptance of my body, myself and my own experience as part of my life journey was really beneficial in your Deep Relaxation Course. I love your space at Momentum." JL

Course Booking Details

This four-week course is suitable for all men and women (aged 17+). No previous experience in yoga or meditative practice is required. Experienced yoga students will also benefit from this deeper and cumulative approach to yogic relaxation.    

Places in the course are limited to 20 students. Past courses have been popular, so we encourage you to book your place early to avoid missing out. A prepaid bookings is required to secure your place.  Places are filled on a first-in basis, once payment is received.  

Cost:     $120 

Time & Day:   7.30 - 8.45pm Thursdays

2018 Course Dates:

25 January - 15 February (4 weeks)
5 April - 26 April (4 weeks)
14 June - 5 July 5 (4 weeks)

Bookings: To book for this course on-line, submit the below 'Book for this Event Online' button. There is no need to ring and check with us first about available places - once the course is full, a 'bookings full' message appears on-screen.



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