Conscious Dance ~ Heart on Fire: Sunrise Ritual

with Selk Hastings

Next Event: Friday 21 February 2020

Welcome to Conscious Dance - a sacred, guided and freestyle sunrise dance practice. 

Conscious Dance is an opportunity to face ourselves in a new way - right here, now. It is a tool and an art that can bring about deep connection and freedom, in a way that can transform your life.

In our lives we can become stagnant, stuck or overwhelmed and we all reach a point where we need new resources to be able to move forward. Our body is an incredible resource.

Our body holds every moment of our life in it's makeup. Just as a tree grows it's branches differently in different climates, our bodies are the same - contracting, blossoming, cracking and armouring throughout life's storms and joys.

Conscious Dance is a chance for you to do the only dance you can do - yours. As you give yourself permission to trust your body's movements, magic can happen.  It is a wonderful opportunity to process life’s challenges via shifting heavy emotions and stuck energy that reside in the body. As you move into something new, you begin to flow with life.

What to Expect

When you come to Sacred Ground you enter a safe and sacred place. Sacredness allows us to see ourselves as the incredibly intelligent nervous system we are, and to approach ourselves with this reverence. Safety enables us to let go of our armour in our own time, with the caring support of skilled facilitator, Selk Hastings of Sacred Ground Conscious Dance.

"I am so grateful for the time and space this morning to discover and experience my first Conscious Dance Sunrise practice at Momentum. Selk made each one of us feel so welcome, creating such a safe, nurturing sound filled space so that I could tune into my body through movement and feel free just to be. Friday mornings I have something to look forward to each week now." ~ Wendy

You are warmly invited to join us for these weekly and monthly dance practices. Both men and women are welcome! No previous dance experience or dance ability is needed. Come and explore moving your body, without limitations or judgment.

"After dancing with Selk this morning I felt grounded, free and settled in myself. I am smiling and content again - yay!" ~ Laura

Doors close strictly 15 minutes into each dance session, followed by a sharing circle, to create a safe, sacred space. We begin moving with Selk's guidance to help you gently connect with your body and start sensing what is wanting to be felt and seen. We then flow into a freestyle dance practice  for an hour and wind-up with guided, grounding breath practices, to support you to integrate and transition into your day or weekend.

"I went to Conscious Dance this morning at 6am. It was beautiful! Intimate, vulnerable and very special. I arrived quite tired and grumpy from a poor night's sleep brought on by stress from the day. Before and after warm-up stretching, meditating and free movement dancing guided by gorgeous Selk, with her intuitive wisdom and caring heart, I went home feeling revitalised, happy and ready to enjoy my day! Thank you Selk and the other gorgeous women who came. See you next Friday for more." ~ Kerrelee

About Selk

Selk Hastings was born and raised in the wild lands of the Pilbara and Kimberley in northern Western Australia. She has been a mystic for the past 18 years in the non-duality yogic teachings of Advaita Vedanta, in the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi. 

Selk has completed Dance Energy Tranformation, Dynamic Meditation, Open Floor and 5-Rhythms dance practices and workshops in Australia and Italy - completing 20+ dance weekend-long workshops in the past 15 years. In early 2019 she self-apprenticed to dance for 52 days at sunrise.

In her private practice in Fremantle, for the past six years Selk has worked as a Somatic Journeyworker offering one-on-one sessions using presence-based touch, Esalen Massage, Shamanic Journeywork and Deep Bodywork Guidance. Click here to learn more about Selk. 

Heart on Fire: Sunrise Dance Ritual

Come dance and be bathed in the golden morning rays of sunlight as you move! You are also welcome to stay afterwards and connect with your fellow dancers - share a cuppa or bring something to drink, in the lovely Momentum studio space.

Places are limited to 20 people. We encourage you to pre-book your place - or pay at the door.

Time:   6.00 - 7.30am  (arrive by 6.15am when doors close)               

     Every Friday

Venue:   Momentum's Yoga Studio, Shop 4 / 575 Canning Hwy, Alfred Cove.

Cost:    $25 full price / $20 concession or low-income            


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