Coaching Testimonials

Thank you to these coaching clients who generously share their coaching experience:

"I had wanted to do life coaching for some time - and it was a fantastic experience. I was able to have a clear vision of what I wanted in a partner and in how I wanted to live my life. I'm now in a new relationship with a wonderful partner. I think we already have the answers and you were able to guide me in the right direction." ~ Carolyn, Entrepreneur

"Natalie's coaching has changed my life by giving me a sense of clarity and belief in myself and my values. I have more courage and strength to face adversity and I have learned to set boundaries. I feel more balanced in all aspects of my life. What I liked best was that I had someone to reach out to when I needed support and now I have learned how to do this for myself." ~ Tina, Art Teacher and Therapist

"Your sessions have been extremely life-giving in that they helped me to better self-understanding and self-acceptance so that I just felt more comfortable in my own skin and therefore more alive to my world of family, friends and nature. The subtle shifts in thinking and perceiving have led me to renewed enthusiasm for the multi-faceted adventure we call life. Thank you Natalie." ~ Teresa

"Coaching was an invaluable investment in my life. It was more profound that I could have imagined and it awakened me deeply. Natalie, you have a focus and a depth of wisdom that traveled with me. Your strength guided me and your perception engaged and taught me." ~ Fiona, Corporate Manager

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