Chanting & Chai

with Asakti Evans & Friends

Next Event: Friday 8 June 2018

Come and experience the healing, centring and joyful effects of chanting - the yoga of song - and connect with others in our friendly community.
Asakti's beautiful vocals and vibrant presence will lead us a vocal journey through sacred sounds and mantras in the traditional form of 'kirtan' - chanting via call and response. 

If you're new to chanting, just love music or a good singalong, we'd love to welcome you. This is an exploration of the heart, independent of vocal skill or musical technique.

Like singing, chanting is energising, 
great fun and it gets us out of our heads and into our hearts. Chanting involves repeating mantras and sounds that create a high-energy vibration in the body and mind.  

If you'd like to try another dimension of yoga or meditative practice, then chanting is a powerful way to deepen your experience of inner peace. 

We keep it simple and real - there's no frills, but plenty of heart and soul!


The benefits of chanting include:    

*  Easing an anxious or troubled mind.   
*  Relaxing tension in the body.
*  Opening the heart.
*  Being happy and joyful for no good reason!

*  Feelings of natural love.
*  Deepening of self-awareness.
*  Promoting healthy emotional expression and release. 

Listen to Asakti Chanting on SoundCloud chanting here.

"When our voices unite, it brings us closer to each other and into the natural joy of our own hearts." Natalie Snooke

"Thanks for such a wonderful evening. The chanting was amazing, incredible vibrations and feelings of joy." Carli Breur

More About Chanting

Chanting has its roots in traditional yogic practice in ancient India, stemming back around 5000 years. It is one of the main, pure forms of 'practice' that is still alive and well in India today, and here in the West we are coming to appreciate its incredible healing and uplifting qualities.  
Chanting in the form of kirtan (meaning 'to repeat') is a 'call and response' style. The leader chants a phrase and the group repeats it back. The melodies are simple and effective. Instruments such as a harmonium, drums, guitar and bells are also used to create rhythm and uplifting tempo.

The different chants that comprise a kirtan are called  mantras  (sacred syllables and phrases) and  bhajans  (devotional songs) sung mostly in Sanskrit, the language of yoga. The chants are simple to learn and words are provided. Spiritual without being religious, the chants are often symbolic of different forms of the divine in the Indian culture such as Shiva, Krishna, Buddha or Ganesh. They're about the universal journey of the human spirit, the nature of the human heart and the beauty that resides in each of us.  

Chanting is for everyone - it requires no experience or singing ability. We chant in a non-judgmental and self-affirming way. When chanted with sincerity, it leads one from the limitations of the egoic mind and personality, to beyond, to the strengthening qualities of the heart and soul. 
Stay afterwards for our community vibe and a friendly chat over a healthy vegetarian supper - including our infamous, delicious homemade chai! That's warm, Indian spiced-tea made with milk (caffeine and dairy-free).

Booking Details

Day & Time:   Fridays  7.30 - 9.00pm

Dates in 2018:     9 March, 13 April, 4 May, 8 June, 6 July, 3 August, 7 September, 5 October, 2 November & 7 December

Cost: $25 full price
$20 low income/concession (seniors, students and health-care card holders)
Includes supper
Bookings: Seats are limited - pre-paid bookings are recommended. Preference seating is given to pre-sale tickets.
To secure your seats, press
the 'book for this event online' button below.

Let's chant!

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