Body : Breath : Bandha : 2020 Immersion

with Amber Spear

4 & 5 January 2020

Awaken and energise your physical vitality, spirituality and focus for 2020 with international yoga teacher, Ayurvedic and wellness coach, Amber Spear for this special New Year immersion.

The purpose of Yoga asana (postures) is to remove any blockages to the vital energy flow, to liberate prana - the life force - and this is why we feel better after a Yoga practice.

According to ancient wisdom, the physical body is the home of the soul and the energetic processes of Yoga that unfold through us ultimately effect the way we engage with the world, be it spiritually or materially.

To direct the life-force that is carried into the body on the breath, bandhas (body locks) are used and are potent! They help to consolidate the energy loosened during practice and to channel the flow, that can  intensify the impact of our practice and offer an overall enhancement of personal vitality and wellbeing.

What You Will Receive

During this immersion we will participate in practices and dialogue that explore:

  • The three main 'bandhas', their locations in the body and different ways to feel each one in practice;
  • Discover which is the most important bandha and when not to practice it;
  • Tantric meditation, mantra and breathing techniques to settle the mind, promote self-healing and stimulate the relaxation response;
  • Foundations of Ayurveda for self-understanding;
  • The four aspects of total fulfilment in human life; and
  • Create your sankalpa - your intention or theme - for 2020.

You will be gently guided in simple breath-based asana practices that are easily tailored for all physical capabilities.

Each of the two workshop sessions will be different, complimentary to one another and are designed to bring balance, away from the environmental stimuli of the New Year, to guide each individual inwards to better meet their own needs in Yoga - and in life.

The workshops are suitable for all levels of Yoga practitioner who are already well-acquainted with the breath - and who love to be held in the potency of a soothing, even-paced and somatically-energising space.

About Amber Spear

Born in Perth, Amber Spear has been teaching yoga for 16 years and living and teaching internationally for a substantial time. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and two sons.

She brings the love, joy and wisdom of an Ayurvedic-Yogic lifestyle, into our global community. Daily rituals from both Yoga and Ayurveda have benefited her and her family profoundly, throughout many contrasting seasons.

To keep both her body and mind flexible and strong, Amber has found that practicing yoga off the mat is just as important as it is on.

Amber has a radiant, loving presence and her core values are: integrity; kindness; and truth.


Booking Details:

You may attend just one workshop if your time is limited, or the both workshops for the full benefits of the immersion. You save $20 when you book for both. 

Places in each workshop are limited to 16 participants - and Amber is a well-loved teacher whose past workshops have sold-out - so we suggest booking early to secure your place!

Once you book and make your your payment, you will receive an emailed receipt to confirm your registration. Then the day before the workshop(s) you will receive a reminder email from us with all of the day's details. 

Times & Dates: 1.00 - 4.00pm Saturday 4 January and/or
                         9.00am - 12noon Sunday 5 January 2020

Cost:    $80 per workshop or $140 for both
            Momentum Members (with a 6/12 month membership) receive a 20% discount.

Venue:  Momentum Coaching & Yoga studio, Shop 4/575 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, Western Australia.

We look forward to welcoming you at this special one-off immersion with Amber!


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