Beginners Meditation Course
with Natalie Snooke

Next Course Starts: Thursday 9 November 2017


This course will support you to develop your own mindfulness meditation practice and to experience a more centred, calm and understanding approach to yourself and everyday life.

Meditation trains us to be mindfully present in each moment with awareness, so that we can live more fully, with a clear mind and open heart. 

Mindfulness is about having a conscious yet relaxed attention to notice what's going on moment to moment, without judgment. When you're mindful, you are more at ease with yourself, with others and with whatever is happening around you. And over time, life becomes less stressful, more enjoyable and more fulfilling. 

Anyone, regardless of how sceptical or busy their mind is, can learn how to become more present to themselves through the practice of meditation. If you can breathe, you can meditate! 

"Your Beginner's Meditation Course was so much more fulfilling than I'd expected! It gave me the tools to actually use rather than just an 'in the moment' experience. This has helped me to accomplish more and feel more at peace with each day." Keziah Hayes

"Your course is very insightful, from an experienced and wise practitioner who has a clam and respectful attitude - as an example of how to be and what meditation REALLY is." Margaret C 

You will learn:

  • about authentic meditation, what it is and isn't
  • how to centre yourself and to meditate without struggling
  • a variety of simple yet powerful techniques including: breath, insight, walking, loving-kindness and mantra meditations
  • guided in-class meditations to practice at home
  • correct postures for sitting and lying meditation
  • how to overcome common obstacles and pitfalls
  • the four foundations of mindfulness: body, sensations, feelings/mind and external objects
  • positive and profound impacts mindfulness has in your everyday life.

Your course facilitator is Natalie Snooke , (pictured below right) a highly experienced meditator and teacher, whose skilled and light-hearted approach to meditation allows everyone to feel supported, have fun learning and experience tangible rewards from meditation.

"Your Beginner's Meditation Course far exceeded my expectations. It was excellent. It has offered my the opportunity to relax and clear my over-active mind. I found the very interactive, small group and the friendliness of the other people to be special. I didn't expect the outcomes in only six weeks." Michelle Fraser  

What You Can Expect

This course is for complete beginners. You will learn everything from scratch. Experienced meditators or those who have learned to meditate in the past who want to refresh their mindfulness skills and deepen their self-awareness, will also benefit from the course.


"I am more in touch with my mind and the thoughts that exist in it and now feel I can observe them, without the fear of them controlling me. I have really benefited from the daily meditation practice. It is something I plan to continue for the rest of my life, for the present and preventative benefits.  James F

To enhance your learning, the course includes weekly handout notes and at-home meditation practice record sheets.   Learning how to meditate by yourself at home is a key aspect of this course and you will be supported to do this.   Participants should make every effort to attend each week of the course and be prepared to dedicate a few minutes every day for home meditation practice, to gain the maximum benefits from the course. 

"Your course was great - a good balance of learning, discussion and actual meditation. There was never too much to take in with information being broken down into digestible amounts so it was easy to remember. I learned that you don't have to do it 'perfectly' that meditation takes time and is okay if you get distracted! Thank you so much." Madeline Hubbard

Booking Details

Courses run for six (6) weeks. Places are limited to 12 participants on each course and pre-paid bookings are essential to secure your place. Please note that this course is popular and does tend to fill, so we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment!

"Your course has taught me to be 'in the moment' and appreciate each moment for what it is. It has helped me to separate myself from emotional states and my ego, and just how useful and powerful meditation can be. This course suited me perfectly and I would recommend it to anyone."  Simone P

There is no need to contact us first about available places on the course.  Once the course is full a message will appear on-screen.  To commence your booking, please press the 'Book for this Event Online' tab below.  

2017 Courses:

Day/Time:     Thursdays 7.30 - 9.00pm

2 February - 9 March (6 weeks)
13 April - 18 May (6 weeks)
June - 27 July (6 weeks)
31 August - 5 October (6 weeks)
9 November - 14 December (6 weeks)

Cost:   $160 single booking or $300 double booking, with a friend or partner      

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