Beginners Meditation Course

with Natalie Snooke

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Would you like to experience a more centred, calm and understanding approach to yourself and everyday life?

Our Beginners Meditation Course teaches you how to meditate and supports you to develop your own mindfulness meditation practice.

When we're mindful, we are more patient and at ease with ourselves, with others and with whatever is happening around us.

As our mindfulness develops, we become better at managing the stresses of life and making sense of who we are. 

We invite you to join our small group of men and women, who are often unsure, yet are curious about meditation and how it can positively influence their lives. 

"Learning to be 'in the moment' and to let go was invaluable. Your Beginners Meditation Course was something I wish I'd done earlier in my life. I enjoyed the small group of like-minded people that made it easy to feel comfortable sharing thoughts." Ylonka Dowd  

Anyone, regardless of how skeptical or busy their mind is, anyone can learn how to meditate. If you can breathe, you can meditate. 

The Benefits

There are many surprising, proven health benefits of mindfulness meditation practice, including:

  • Reducing anxiety and improving attention
  • Getting better sleep
  • Making progress towards weight-loss goals
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Managing and balancing emotions
  • Decreasing loneliness as we age
  • Banishing temporary negative feelings
  • Increasing grey matter in the brain.
However, the most empowering benefits of mindfulness meditation are that we learn how to be fully-present in our lives, with a clear mind and an open heart.

"Your Beginners Meditation Course increased my emotional resilience, increased my ability to let go and sharpened my focus and resolve. It was a beautiful experience and well worth it! Natalie is a kind, gentle and generous person and made time to listen to each of us fully. Thank you so much." Tessa

"Your Beginners Meditation Course gave me the tools to actually use rather than just an 'in the moment' experience. This has helped me to accomplish more and feel more at peace with each day." Keziah Hayes

Learning and Support

The practice of mindfulness meditation is a tool that trains us to be gently aware and present (or mindful) in each moment.

You will learn how to cultivate a conscious, relaxed attention and to notice what's going on, without judgment or expectation. The course content includes:

  • How to meditate, let-go and centre yourself.  
  • Meditation techniques for steadying attention and soothing the heart.
  • The four foundations of mindfulness: body, sensations, feelings/mind and external objects.
  • Guided in-class meditations to practice at home.
  • Effective posture and body positions for meditation.
  • Understanding and overcoming the common challenges of meditation.
  • How to be mindfully present in your family, work and daily life.
  • Comprehensive course notes given out each week.

"I needed to take time for myself, work through my thoughts and discover more about me - and your Beginners Meditation Course was enlightening. It helped me reflect, relax and take time to notice what's most important. And I loved the venue." Josh Johston

Your course facilitator is Natalie Snooke (pictured above). Natalie is  an experienced meditator and teacher, whose skilled and light-hearted approach to meditation allows everyone to feel supported, have fun learning and experience the tangible rewards meditation offers.   

Who Can Attend?

This six-week course is suitable for all men and women (adults aged 18+). No previous experience in meditation is required.  You will be able to be comfortably seated using chairs, bolsters and other supports.

Participants should come prepared to put in a committed effort and to make time at home, in developing their own meditation practice, to gain the most from the course.

"I found your Beginners Meditation Course to be very informative and enjoyable. It taught me how to relax and to become more self-aware. And it was great to be learning in a small group." Lincoln

Booking Details

Places in the course are limited to 12 students to allow for personalised support. This course is popular, and often fills, so we encourage you to book your place early to avoid missing out!

Once you have booked and paid, you will receive an emailed receipt to confirm your registration. Then the day before the course starts, you will receive a reminder email from us with all of the details.   

Enquiries:        Contact us on or call 9330 1988 during office hours

Cost:               $170 single booking
                       $320 double booking - with a friend or partner

Day & Time:   7.30 - 9.00pm Thursdays

2019 Course Dates:     
4 April - 9 May (6 weeks)
13 June - 18 July (6 weeks) 
5 Sept - 10 Oct (6 weeks) 

We look forward to welcoming you on the course!



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