The Joy of Being ~ Bali Beach Retreat 
with Natalie Snooke

7 - 13 September 2015

Natalie_Snooke_Bali_Beach_Retreat_2015Join Natalie in the peaceful seaside village of Seseh, Bali for 7 joyful days of inspiration and self-discovery through vinyasa yoga, meditation and life coaching. 

                      • Open to a deeper presence through authentic yoga and meditative practice.
                      • Be still by the ocean to reconnect with your heart.
                      • Positively transform your thoughts, feelings and habits.
                      • Rediscover the natural joy of your spirit.

This is a special retreat experience. Enjoy the feeling of 'coming home' to yourself, on all levels, in a beautiful setting. 

Your Opportunity

Opening yourself to a deeper presence, stillness and joy, in a supportive environment enables you to reconnect, to hear your truth - and very often, this has life-changing benefits.  

Natalie is an experienced, dedicated teacher and coach whose life continues to transform through living a conscious, spiritually-enriched path. Under her steady guidance and inspiration, this is more than just a yoga retreat.

This retreat allows you to leave your work and family responsibilities behind to experience the calming and revitalising benefits that continuous daily practice and self-inquiry bring, in an intimate setting that's 'just us', undisturbed by outside influences. 

"I felt very privileged to have been part of Natalie's retreat.  The experience is life changing and I feel I learned so much in such a short time.  It's hard to put a value onto this experience.  I feel with Natalie's guidance we all learned about the deeper meaning of our being.  My experience in Bali has been truly amazing, thank you." ~ Sabine Albers, Perth                                            Bali Beach Retreat 2015 Momentum Coaching and Yoga  

If you enjoy your yoga, and would like to explore it further, yet struggle to get to more classes or practice at home, this retreat is a wonderful 'next step'.  It will give your practice and your self-awareness an intense 'boost'. We also welcome complete beginners who have a genuine interest in learning about themselves and starting a yoga or meditation practice.

If you're an experienced yoga or meditation practitioner, trainee or teacher, then this retreat will give you a balance of structure, freedom and support to go deeper within.                  

Sacred Bali

Bali is internationally recognised for its healing energy, culture, arts and spirituality. Magic happens here.  Yet many-a-tourist to Bali misses the subtle essence of Bali and her sacred energy.  Our retreat immerses you in this.

Seseh is a quiet village on the Southwest coast of Bali.  It has managed to retain the cultural spirit of Bali. Still untouched by major tourism, the ocean and the beach is at her doorstep.  Here, local Balinese families get together to enjoy the beauty of nature. Their daily movie is watching the amazing sunsets over the ocean. The area abounds in many temples, unspoiled rice fields and small villages which are great for walking and exploring. 

We'll be away from the hustle and bustle of Bali tourists. The pace slows down and time seems to offer more minutes in every day. We feel very welcomed by the smiling-faced locals who share their ways and greet us openly. Just to be here is a gift. The heart can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Our program includes a traditional Balinese Hindu Purification ceremony at a water temple.      

"The retreat was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cleansing ritual was amazing. The reflection sessions really made me look inside myself and open up, they really helped bring everyone out of their comfort zones and brought the group together. " ~ Geoff 

Practice & Learning

Bali Beach Retreat 2015Soon after sunrise, each day on retreat starts with guided silent meditation and pranayama (breathwork), followed by yoga asana (postures) in a flowing vinyasa style, progressing from simpler to deeper postures, allowing exploration for students at all stages. 

For balance, we'll interchange with yin (cooling, quietening) and yang (warming, energising) approaches. Natalie offers steady guidance, clear instructions and creative sequencing - and gives personalised attention to each student. Participants can 'take-home' their favourite aspects of the morning practice, for their own continued use.

Most afternoons include a self-discovery or creativity workshop, group coaching session or excursion.  The workshops focus on different aspects of your 'personal' growth - where we explore and go beyond thought, feelings, habits and behaviours to find our own expression and truth. Last year, we also enjoyed getting creative and making our own mandalas!

"I loved the retreat. It went far beyond yoga - it seemed to touch on many, many aspects of my life. The afternoon workshops were tremendously helpful in understanding and integrating the uses and benefits of our yoga, meditation and pranayama practices. I will continue at home! ~ Cheryl Romalho, Canada

Natalie keeps it light-hearted! Through fun and experiential group activities and self-reflection exercises, you'll be presented with a variety of philosophies and tools to help you uncover your own answers to some of life's challenging questions. Your personal learning is also extended through a one-on-one coaching session with Natalie, to explore any insights or challenges. Our intention is that you'll will leave with a clearer understanding of yourself, of what needs to happen next and an action plan to help you to integrate when you get home.                       

Feel at Home

We'll be staying at the beautiful retreat centre of Kura Kura. Kura means turtle, and is an ancient symbol of the spiritual ground of the universe, the support for all that exists, where the sun rises and shines within you.            

Kura Kura is situated along a small river and a few steps from the magnificent ocean, where you can fall asleep at night to the sound of the saves.  It is not aBali_Beach_Retreat_2015 glamorous spa or fancy resort, but rather a serene place and a home-away-from-home.  The five staff members are like family and are amazing! They take excellent care of us and do everything to make our stay comfortable.  Rooted in their village customs, they also love to share their knowledge of Balinese spiritual life.

The seven twin-share bungalows are old Java-style houses with verandas, built around the pool and lush gardens.  Furnishings are with elegant simplicity.  Ensuite bathroom facilities include a Western-style toilet and showers with warm/cold water.  Beds are with soft linen, mosquito nets and overhead fan.  There is free Wifi available on the premises - if you need it.   

We enjoy delicious vegetarian buffet meals - both Balinese and western foods - all lovingly prepared with many organic foods by our own cook. The yoga shala (studio) is nestled amongst the gardens and is fully-equipped with all yoga gear, however you're welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you'd like.         

"It was just so special to have the place to ourselves. Kura Kura is spectcular! The pool, gardens, outdoor areas and yoga shala. The rooms were very comfortable and the staff were a delight. It was a wonderful space to take for myself, to reconnect with our true beings once all the layers are stripped back. I am very much looking forward to another retreat. "~ Allanna Treweek, Perth

Outside of our daily practices and workshops, there is plenty of free time each day to rest and unwind or explore the beach and surrounding ricefields. You can spend time relaxing around the pool or in a garden hammock or enjoy a healing massage. We recommend you soak up the ambience of Kura Kura and the ocean, however if you choose to venture out, we'll help you to find good nearby places for a coffee or a treat.  There is a reliable taxi service to/from the retreat centre and scooters are available for hire.

Our Daily Schedule

In between scheduled sessions, you have free time to do as you choose.  A sample daily schedule looks like this:

7.00am    Guided silent meditation and breathwork Bali Beach Retreat 2015 Momentum Coaching and Yoga
7.45am    Tea and quiet time
8.00am    Yoga asana
9.30am    Breakfast
10.00am Free time
1.00pm    Lunch
1.30pm Free time
3.00pm    Self-growth workshop or excursion
5.00pm    Pranayama and relaxation
6.00pm    Dinner
7.00pm    Free time/meditation/chanting

This is a sample retreat schedule, that may be subject to change to take into account any special local customs and ceremonial dates that we may like to incorporate into our retreat experience - in true Balinese style, we allow for spontaneity and flexibility!

What Makes This Retreat Unique?

Bali Beach Retreat 2015 When it comes to yoga retreats, especially in Bali, there are many options to choose from. Indeed there's something for everyone - and this retreat isn't for everyone!
It's important that you feel comfortable with the experience and style of the teacher, the learning you'll take away and that you're getting good value-for-money. This retreat is for you if you value:
                  • A holistic balance of yoga, meditation, group work and personal time that's well-organised.
                  • Experience and personalised support, including a one-on-one Life Coaching session. 
                  • A friendly group atmosphere - with friendships lasting well beyond the retreat. 
                  • A quiet environment.
                  • A spiritual appreciation for Bali - Natalie has an affinity with Bali, having visited regularly for more than 20 years and this is her fourth retreat.

Your Package Includes:

*  7 days/6 nights twin-share/double accommodation at Kura Kura, Bali 
*  All daily meals (vegetarian buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner)
*  Herbal teas/tea/coffee, purified water, juice and fruits during the day
*  3 hours daily morning meditation/yoga/pranayama practice
*  Afternoon self-growth workshops (most days)
*  A one-on-one Life Coaching session
*  Airport transfers to/from Denpasar to Seseh 
*  1 hour body treatment/massage
*  Special Balinese Hindu purification ceremony   

All bungalows are on a twin-share basis (or double for couples).  We will pair retreat participants in bungalows with another person of similar age and the same gender, wherever possible.  If you have a request to share with another person attending the retreat, please let us know. 

The registration fee does not include air-fares. International air-fares to Bali can be purchased at very reasonable rates from around the world. We recommend booking flights with flexible dates, in case of unforeseen circumstances and the retreat dates need to be changed or cancelled, this will allow you flexibility. We also recommend taking-out travel insurance.  Click to see the latest cheap flight offers from these major airlines flying into Bali: JetstarAir AsiaGaruda and Qantas

Still want to know more? Read our blog from the 2014 Bali Retreat to get a taste.
Bali Beach Retreat 2015 Momentum Coaching and Yoga

Retreat Costs & Registration

AUD $1290      EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL RATE - by Monday 6 July 2015 NOW CLOSED

AUD $1490 STANDARD RATE - from Tuesday 7 July 2015

AUD $1790 PRIVATE ROOM - from Tuesday 7 July 2015

As at Monday 31 August we have three last-minute places still available!

To reserve your place, a AUD $350 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. 

The retreat requires a minimum of 10 and maximum of 14 participants.  If the retreat interests you, we encourage you to make your decision and book early.

The retreat starts at 12 noon on Monday 7 September and finishes at 12 noon on Sunday 13 September 2015. 

Please plan well ahead and arrange your flights to arrive comfortably before and after these times
.  If you arrive late or finish early, it doesn't allow for you to experience the full benefits of the retreat and is disruptive for the group. So give yourself plenty of time to be there from start to finish! It takes approximately one hour from the Denpasar airport to Kura Kura and your airport transfers to/from are arranged by us as part of the retreat.

Kura Kura offers special discounted rates for retreat participants to stay before and/or after the retreat.  If you'd like to stay for any extra days, please let us know when you register and we'll make the booking on your behalf. 

Please download and return the Bali Retreat Registration Form via email as well as submitting the below 'Book for this Event Online' to register for this retreat. Once you do that, we'll provide you with other necessary information in the lead-up to the retreat. 

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to welcoming you ~ and as they say in Bali, OM Swasti Astu ~ may peace be with you.


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