About Yoga

What is Yoga?

More than just exercise, Yoga is about self-awareness. 

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that's grounded in the inner search. It cultivates health, harmony and the natural, radiant state of being in the individual.

The word 'Yoga' means to unite, to harness, to yoke. Its from the language of Sanskrit, the language of science and scholars in ancient Indian times, like Latin is to English.

Yoga is a system of practices and philosophy, designed to relax and connect an individual's body and mind so that they can rest in their natural state. This natural state is happy and peaceful. And when we experience ourselves more naturally, we function with greater ease, balance and sense of purpose - in whatever we choose to do and however we choose to live. Yoga is as simple, and as varied, as this.

"Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy. It touches the life of man at every level - physical, mental and spiritual. It is a practical method for making one's life purposeful, useful and noble. It lifts its practitioners from the clutches of pain and sorry, and enables them to live fully, taking delight in life."~ BKS Iyengar

Yoga has its foundations in the rituals and practices of the people in the Indus valley civilisation of northern India and Afganistan dating back around 5000 years. Whilst their ancient lifestyle differed vastly from ours today, their yearning to know themselves, to live with health and happiness and to discover the truth about life, was the same. From this basis of inquiry, the system of Yoga began.

For Yoga to be authentic, it needs to be taught systematically and directly from teacher to student, from person to person, heart to heart. Whilst it can be convenient, Yoga is not designed to be learned from a video or a book!

At Momentum we are committed to teaching Yoga in its authentic form, whilst making it appropriate, understandable, effective and enjoyable for women and men in today's modern times.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

The practice of Yoga on a regular and systematic basis leads to a more well-rounded personality, internal peacefulness and clarity of mind. It is a system designed to cultivate greater health, well-being and happiness on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

What does Yoga involve? 

At Momentum we teach a range of yoga styles and approaches and offer a daily timetable of classes. We also offer different courses and workshops to expand and deepen your experience of yoga.

A typical class will include a combination of: physical Yoga postures (called asana); breath exercises (called pranayama); sound/chanting (called mantra); guided relaxation (called yoga nidra) and/or meditation.

Each class will also include reference to the ethical principles and philosophy of Yoga. This is aimed at helping students to effectively understand their Yoga experience in class and transfer their learning to meet the practicalities and challenges of everyday life.

Students can also practice Yoga privately yoga with a teacher, one-on-one. Once students learn and can practice yoga safely, according to their own needs, if they feel inclined, a self-practice can also be developed for home. Having a self-practice allows students to really evolve through Yoga.

At Momentum we teach daily classes in the system of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is one of the many types of yoga designed to move energy through the body, balancing it systemically, whilst calming the mind.  

How do I get started in Yoga?

If you're new to Yoga, the best place to start is with our popular six-week Beginners Yoga Course run in blocks throughout the year. These courses are for people completely new to Yoga, so you get to learn with others at the same place as you.


How Does Yoga Work?

Whether we realise it or not, our lives tend to be driven by satisfying the endless desires of our egoic mind.

We easily get caught in sensory pleasures, incessant thoughts and have the tendency to rush through life from one thing to the next, without fully appreciating and attending to our experience in the present moment.  This drains us and creates imbalances in our mental, nervous and emotional systems - and we aren't designed to be like this!

Yoga allows us our body to be vitally healthy, to see through our mind more clearly and to access the wisdom of our heart. 

The practices work by uniting and focusing our attention and action, bringing us more mindfully into the present moment. In yoga we are encouraged to notice whatever is going on in our body and in our mind, with full acceptance and without judgment. Being present and attentive to ourselves like this has the effect of calming us down and softening our heart. 

If you happen to observe a yoga student during practice, you will probably notice several things. They will be focused and centred on what they are doing. They will be moving mindfully and steadily, without force or strain. They will be breathing with a fuller breath. And they will be enjoying it.  

Are there any pre-requisites for Yoga? Do I need to be flexible?

All you need to practice yoga is a willingness to learn. There are no other prerequisites. And you do not need to be flexible - you will develop flexibility!


Whether or not you have a specific goal in mind - such as relieving stress, learning to relax, gaining flexibility, strengthening the lower back, gaining peace of mind or developing your spirituality - yoga will help with your capacity to set and accomplish your goals.


At Momentum we teach students of all levels of fitness and physicality.  If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor before starting. Many medical conditions as high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis or back injury can be alleviated through regular yoga practice. 



For more information about how to get started or please read our FAQs.

Ultimately, yoga is about transformation, not hamstrings. Yoga will open your eyes to a surprising level of growth - your health, your habits, your attitude, your love - your LIFE. 

We wish you an enjoyable Yoga journey!


Beginners Yoga

Our popular six-week Beginners Yoga Course gives you a thorough introduction to hatha and vinyasa yoga.

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