About the Enneagram

Who am I?
Why do I do things the way I do?
What would give me greater success at work?
What do I really want from life?
How come I struggle to get along with some people?
Why do I hold back in love?
What can I do to overcome anxiety?
How can I make the most of my strengths?
What would make me truly happy?

These are common questions we ask ourselves, hoping but not knowing if we'll ever find the answers. Indeed, being human and being happy has its work cut out for us! 

There are many facets to life and there are many facets to us - physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. How we think, feel and act are complex. Some parts of us are deeply private that we prefer to keep to ourselves, while some parts we show to our family and friends and others we reveal at work or to the world at large. There's aspects of our personality that we've worked on and other aspects that just frustrate us and our companions no-end! And other aspects and potential that we're completely blind to. 

To reach our full potential in life - when we look back and have no regrets, knowing that we did our best and feel happy with our greater contribution - starts with having good self-awareness and then being able to grow beyond what we know as our ego-personality to a deeper sense of who we are and embracing our very purpose for existence. 

What if we had a reliable way of knowing ourselves and understanding others that made this journey possible? A tool that gave our self-growth an authentic frame of reference, both now and into the future. And a universal system that we could share to create greater world harmony.

About the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a profound, scientifically-validated system that offers accurate insights into the way people think, feel and act based on different inner motivations.

The_Enneagram_Momentum_Coaching_and_YogaIt provides a model (and a methodology) for understanding what drives personality, as well as ways to overcome unhelpful patterning.  It presents a valuable structure to know ourselves, and to understand others, more clearly and more consciously. 

Ennea-gram means 'nine sided' in Greek - symbolised as the geometric shape pictured right. It is thought to have originated with the Sufis in Central Asia and the Desert Elder theologians of ancient Greece, later being incorporated into teachings by the Russian mystical teacher Gurdjieff. As a tool for pycho-spiritual growth it was redeveloped by Chilean Psychologist Oscar Ichazo in the early 1970s. Since then it has been used extensively in psychology, organisational development and spirituality mainly in the US and Europe, and to a lesser extent in Australia.

Nine Types

The Enneagram lays out human personality or character into nine related yet distinct types (and further into 27 sub-types). Collectively these types form a comprehensive depiction of human virtue and potential. Each type has its distinct egoic motivations, fears, strengths and patterns. Each type has it's own way of 'showing up' and of experiencing the world. 

Whilst the Enneagram profiles personality into nine basic types, the bigger purpose of the Enneagram allows for individuals to 'wake-up' to their egoic type identity, to see the falacy of the personality structure and to grow beyond it to experience a more natural way of being and a state of greater inner freedom, known as essence or real Self.

Each person has one dominant 'type' that underpins their character and a specific pathway forward for optimal personal, professional and spiritual growth.  When we come to understand that others have a different Enneagram type and therefore different view of the world, then it allows for greater understanding and respect in all our relationships.

"The Enneagram is fundamental to how we are structured and function as human beings. I feel strongly that the Enneagram and its capacity to be taught and shared provides a profoundly powerful path of hope for the future, for all of us, for world peace even."
- Dr David Daniels, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Stanford Medical School, Author and leading Enneagram Teacher

The Enneagram is an essential tool for anyone interested in being the best person they can be. It can be successfully applied to individuals, within relationships, families, teams and at the workplace.  It is a valuable tool for self-inquiry that complements any yoga or meditation practice.

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