Natalie Snooke

Natalie is the founder and director of Momentum and an inspired coach, teacher and facilitator.

Her vision is for a community and a world where the values of compassion and peace are at the forefront of everything - and where people feel genuinely empowered to reach the fullness of their human potential.

A specialist in mindfulness, Natalie works intuitively to develop wisdom, presence, creativity and purpose in others. She takes a pragmatic approach to delving into our layers of mind, body, heart and spiritual essence. Holding space with compassion and a warm presence, her classes and sessions are quirky and fun, yet also deeply moving.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Business (HRM) and held senior positions as a human resource manager for 13 years in the WA Public Sector, before a spiritual yearning led her to the path of self-discovery and her own transformational journey.

Coaching since 2007 with 1000+ hours of one-on-one coaching experience, her Mindful Leadership, Intentional Living and Life Coaching clients range from artists and entrepreneurs to psychologists and corporate leaders. In all her work, Natalie draws on the principles of the Enneagram. She is a certified Enneagram Facilitator, Life Coach and Transformational Presence Coach. 

"Coaching with Natalie allowed me to open up to aspects of myself that I hadn't really looked at - it was fruitful, enlightening and transformative. The whole process allowed me to come to know myself better and in doing so, I was able to begin to make decisions and plans about how to move my mindfulness and business forward in ways that are authentic and right for me. Dropping the mask and allowing people to see 'who I really am' and being comfortable with that, has been a major shift." Karen H, Facilitator

Natalie has been a practitioner of yoga since 2005 and a qualified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and Insight Meditation teacher since 2007.

She maintains a dedicated daily practice and spends time annually on 10-day silent meditation retreats. Natalie has studied with several prominent teachers including: Dena Kingsberg, Donna Farhi, Dr Jean Byrne, Paul Dallaghan, Emil Wendil, Kamala Masters and Sri OP Tiwari (pranayama). Natalie remains inspired by Tara Brach and her direct teacher Patrick Kearney (Vipassana).

Natalie is a Registered Yoga Teacher (Level 1) with Yoga Australia. She has voluntarily served on the National Management Committee of Yoga Australia and is a current active member of the International Coach Federation, serving on the Professional Development Team of the WA Chapter.

Away from Momentum, Natalie enjoys exploring the colour and diversity of art, food and urban culture as well as the natural quiet of bush-walking and the ocean. She loves singing and the devotional practice of yogic chanting.

Natalie was born and raised on a farm in Meckering, Western Australia and pays respect to the Nyoongar people, the local, traditional owners of this land.

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