Sound Relaxation

with Cassie Haywood

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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or over-stimulated? Are you challenged by an over-active mind or overcome by fatigue? Come and enjoy the deep rest of Sound Relaxation sessions with Cassie Haywood from Soul Spirit Sound.

Experience an hour, absorbed in the soothing, harmonic sound vibrations of bowls, gongs, harps and chimes to experience a deep sense of physical relaxation and inner calm. 

There's no 'doing' - just being. You passively participate by lying down, comfortably supported with a yoga mat, blankets, eye-pillows and cushions on the floor, as the sounds saturate your senses. 

A variety of Tibetan singing bowls, each with differing size, tone and frequency, along with symphonic gongs, chimes and harps are played so continuous waves of sound vibrations are circulated in the space.  

The Benefits

After each Sound Relaxation session, participants often describe a sense of inner calm and peace, that they feel more centred and deeply relaxed.

Just as energy ripples across water, sound energy vibrates through the  water in the human body, harmonising the physical structures, calming the mind and encouraging a release of blockages and tension - leaving the whole body-mind vibrating freely with a sense of lightness.  

Sound Relaxation can often lead to a deep state of inner-peace, where a sense of 'timelessness' may be experienced. The profound tones produced by the bowls allows a deep-release of stress from the body and enables one to sense a higher state of consciousness and vitality.

About Cassie
Tibetan Bowls 
Cassie Haywood of Soul Spirit Sound is passionate about the gifts of harmonic instruments like singing bowls, the symphonic gong and Reverie harp because of the personal experiences of peace, calm and well-being she has felt via their unique sound vibrations.  

Cassie has qualifications in Sound Healing from the Light Spirit Centre, as well as the Academy of Ancient Wisdoms. She also has a Bachelor of Social Work. Cassie is an enthusiastic student of meditation and yoga and the ocean will always be her greatest medicine. Her cat is her most profound teacher on the importance of deep rest and surrendering to life unconditionally.

Based in Fremantle, Soul Spirit Sound also offers individual sessions where singing bowls are placed physically on the body for a deeper, personalised healing experience. 

Booking Details

No previous experience is needed for you to participate. Space is limited to 22 people and our sessions do fill-up! We suggest pre-booking your place early - limited drop-in places are available on the night.                    

Time:   7.00 - 8.00pm 

2021 Dates:    TBA  

Cost:           $25 full price, $20 concession (seniors, students and health-care card holders)


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