21 Day Winter Challenge

with Natalie Snooke

Starts: Monday 27 August 2018

Natalie Snooke Parsvokanasana

This is your chance to experience the authenticity of yoga and meditation and how a daily practice, goal-setting and coaching support can deeply connect you to your joyful Self - and even change your life.  

Join us on a 21-day journey and stay motivated during the depths of winter to experience yoga and meditation's uplifting benefits on the body, mind and spirit.  
Winter is the natural time to deepen your focus, gain mental/emotional clarity and build stability and resilience through committed, healthy routines.

Your Commitment

The 21 Day Challenge is a commitment that you make to yourself, to participate in a daily yoga practice and record your progress.  You'll do it through a combination of unlimited yoga classes and/or home practice, with group support and Natalie's personal guidance.  

You'll need to be self-motivated and committed to the process!

Being creatures of habit, it takes around 21 days of consistent effort and attention to create a habit, or to break one.  Use this opportunity to set a clear intention to create or break a habit of your choice that fits your lifestyle and current circumstances, helping you to move into Spring with greater focus, energy and self-confidence.

"The Challenge was fantastic! I learned a lot about yoga and myself. I'd encourage anyone to do it. What I loved was the accountability, Natalie's encouragement, the group support and the opportunity to try all the classes at Momentum. Someone told me it could be life changing and I doubted it would be for me. I'd always felt defeated before I started because of my frame of mind. But is has changed my life for the better - I am clearer in my mind, happier and focused. Those times of extraordinary stress which I face all too often, I can deal with mindfully and calmly and my world doesn't come tumbling down. My husband agrees I am now a much nicer person to be around. " Kerry Faulkner

What's Included

The 21 Day Challenge includes:

  • Unlimited yoga classes for 21 days (hatha, vinyasa, yin, gentle, meditation - your choice) with one rest day per week
  • A home yoga practice (pre-designed and taught)
  • An introductory workshop
  • 2 weekly check-in and motivational group sessions
  • A FREE follow-up 30-minute Life Coaching session with Natalie (optional).
  • Charted recording of your daily practice progress at Momentum.

We will be creating a supportive group of '21 Day Challengers' so you'll be sharing the journey with like-minded others.  Spot prizes and other incentives will also be offered along the way.

"The Challenge was a great way to develop confidence in myself and how to sequence a practice that suited me to do anytime, anywhere. I enjoyed the constant contact we had throughout the 21 days. The daily accountability, plus the evening motivation sessions where we could share our experiences and listen to others, were all excellent." Jenni Geoghegan

The Benefits

The benefits from participating in the 21 Day Yoga Challenge can be far-reaching and include:
  • A rediscovery of your peaceful, happy essential Self
  • Increased energy and attention levels
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Enhanced natural weight management and body-toning
  • Improved immune system functioning
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Accomplishment of a new goal or habit
  • Feeling more alive and vibrant!
"I learnt that once I make a commitment to do something, I can do it, especially when I have to be accountable. Putting my own practice together at home was really beneficial. And having to discipline, schedule time and organise myself to do the practice." Natasha Fulford

Bookings & Further Information

This 21 Day Yoga Challenge is suitable for all self-motivated yoga practitioners, from beginners (with some experience) to experienced students.  You must be prepared to learn and practice a daily routine of yoga, breath work and relaxation/meditation, if you do not already have your own practice. This program isn't suitable for complete beginners to yoga as foundational yoga practice skills will not be taught - these need to first be learned in our classes/courses.

Participants with an existing 10-Week Class Pass will be able to put their pass on hold for the duration of the 21 days.

A maximum of 20 places is available - pre-paid bookings are essential.  

Challenge Dates:     Monday 27 August - Sunday 16 Sept 2018 (21 Days) 

Workshop Dates:

2.00 - 4.00pm Saturday 25 August (Introductory + Home Practice Workshop)
2.00 - 3.00pm Saturday 8 Sept (Motivation Session)
2.00 - 3.00pm Saturday 15 Sept July (Motivation Session)  

Cost:       $170 

To book your place and make your payment, click on the button below.                               

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